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Feckless Mendacity Marks the Fall of the Unicorn King

The fall from grace has reached irretrievable velocity. What should have precipitated the fall: the ongoing scandals surrounding Fast and Furious and Benghazi; the IRS, EPA and NSA investigations; the twin nightmares of Obamacare and Amnesty, are all temporarily forgotten, pushed aside by the current debacle that is the “crisis” over Syria’s civil war.

ObamaJoker 1_0Barack Obama’s acolytes in the Make Believe Media (MBM), who downplayed the “phony scandals” to prevent the fall, are now left dumbstruck by the self-serving lies that spill from the lips of their Abject Messiah.

An administration on thin ice domestically now finds itself shunned by the international community. For the first time since 1782, a British Prime Minister was voted down when it came to deploying the British military. The Unicorn King’s long displayed contempt for America’s “Special Relationship” with England had finally reaped the whirlwind. The only “ally” he’s managed to attract is… France?

They say, “Pride Comes Before a Fall.” In the case of the Unicorn King, the narcissistic arrogance that’s been on display since 2008’s Election Day guaranteed the Fall of the Unicorn King would be a breathtaking plunge. As a last gasp measure, some are predicting a nationally televised tête-à-tête between the Unicorn King and his trusty sidekick, TOTUS:

President Obama is weighing an Oval Office address to explain to the American people why a U.S. military strike in Syria is in the best interests of the nation.

Speaking to reporters en route to the G-20 Summit in St. Petersburg, Russia, on Thursday, White House spokesman Ben Rhodes said a speech of some kind is “still under consideration.”

On Wednesday, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) said an Oval Office address by the president was a necessary step before U.S. involvement in a foreign civil war, and predicted Obama would make the address “later this week.”

The ineffably brutal Stacy McCain summarizes how completely asinine the current machinations in Washington plays on the world’s stage:

What’s amazing is that Obama has turned what should have been a simple decision into this grinding ordeal. If all we’re talking about is lobbing some missiles at Damascus, Obama could have ordered that and explained it later. George W. Bush would not have hesitated.

It’s like, you never ask your wife for permission to go play poker. You tell your wife you’re going to go play poker — or, perhaps, you don’t even tell her, you just go, and explain it later….

This drawn-out phony “debate” is just annoying. It looks weak, and weakness is synonymous with failure in foreign policy.

Vladimir Putin is beating him like a drum on the international stage. The Russians have provided the UN with a 100 page report that points to Syrian rebels as the likely source of the recent chemical attack, while at home members of his own party are saying the administration is massaging the intel to point blame at Assad’s regime.

If Congress votes down his resolution to allow his Syria attack to proceed, he’ll have to ignore them, or else he’s a goner, internationally speaking. If he does, the Unicorn King will get his ass impeached.

His ridiculous effort to backpedal away from the “red line” ultimatum isn’t working with anyone but hard-core Obamabots. Without the flowery rhetoric written by others and funneled through TOTUS, the Unicorn King’s words are meaningless, and will be but noise to both allies and enemies. He decided to ad-lib that “line in the sand” bit, and it came back to bite his ass. Every time he talks off the cuff, he spectacularly fucks up….

In the end
’twas the teleprompter
that did him in

If the Unicorn King had stuck to his script, he wouldn’t be in this world of shit.

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