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Archive for "Aug 28 2013"

Air Idiot Didn’t Die; It’s Living on MSNBC’s Dime

Lead Air Idiot of MSNBC

I probably should have made the correlation between Air America and MSNBC sooner, but it wasn’t until recently that MSNBC went so loudly and proudly hard to the Left that it became obvious they had dusted off the old Air America Idiot playbook and taken it out for another whirl.

And Rachel Maddow, of course.

Let’s get this out of the way, up-front, for any (ie: the vast majority) new to my igloo: I had nothing but disdain and contempt for Air Idiot almost from Day One, but not because of their politics. Their ideological lunacy was merely an added impetus to me wanting to see them beaten into the dirt. I had specific reasons for my animus toward Air Idiot:

  1. They stole my steel drums.
  2. Their business plan sucked.
  3. Their product was a boring, choir-preachingly rote diatribe against “Bushitler!” The only times it would be interesting was when one of the hosts (usually Randi Rhodes) went completely nuts.

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Sugar and Spice and the Tyranny of Heteropatriarchal Advertising

Ever see that word before, “heteropatriarchal”? My spellcheck plug-in can make neither hide nor hair of it, and doesn’t know what ridiculously wrong suggestions to offer in its stead.

I was introduced to this word by the ineffably brutal Stacy McCain. He glommed onto it via a particularly prickly resident of America’s Hat dropping the word in a Twitter post, vis-a-vis Miley Cyrus’s recent VMA performance. Stacy–as is his wont–had some fun with it. The Canuckistan feminista was not pleased with this. She pasted her angst into a Storify “timeline” which, beyond being stupid, included Yours Truly… which is never something anyone with a whit of sense would do. She went down the “UMBRAGE!” road, which everyone knows leads to Perdition… and by “perdition,” I mean “Stacy doubled down.”

Anyhoos, it seems–as least as far as I can interpret ‘Gender Studies’ gobbledygook–the shoe sellers at Stride Rite are part of the insidious heteropatriarchal cabal:

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