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She’s Still Crazy, After All These Years (An Air Idiot Update!)

Her brand of crazy used to be the only thing that could make me listen to Air America Idiot on a semi-regular basis. Among the Air Idiot menagerie, she was the only one who actually knew how to work a microphone. The Air Idiot archives tell me Randi Rhodes hasn’t hit my radar since back in 2009. Sure, she’s been plugging away since Air Idiot went tits-up, but it seems she never said or did anything that crossed the crazy threshold, getting me interested enough to lift the category out from under the mothballs….

This slice of pyschoticy is worthy.

Reacting to Rush Limbaugh’s “I’m too famous” comment, concerning El Rushbo (along with Sean Hannity and Mark Levin) moderating the GOP’s 2016 Presidential primary debates, Rhodes said this:

That egotistical blowhard thinks he’s too famous to moderate a debate, he’s too famous. I got news for you. Very few people in this country know who he is and that is the dirty little secret. You’ve got about 60 million people who are going to vote and they don’t know who he is. Young people don’t know who he is, OK? People who don’t listen to talk radio don’t know who he is. There’s 3 million viewers on any given day on Fox News, no one outside of those 3 million people know who he is! It’s ridiculous! He’s so famous, he’s so famous that he can’t, uh, he can’t possibly, you know, be a moderator. I just, I cannot believe the ego on this fat freak. I just, I mean, I have always said, you know, that if show business is a totem pole, then radio is where the dog lifts its leg. I make absolutely no bones about what I do for a living. I don’t think I’m famous! I never thought I was famous, not even when I was semi-famous did I ever even contemplate or process that, OK? I never thought that! I just thought I have a job I really like to do and some people that appreciate what I do and that’s great. Isn’t that something? (audio; comments here)

Isn’t she precious?

According to her website, Rhodes appears on 30-odd stations, which is less than the number of stations Limbaugh’s syndicators, Premiere Radio Networks (who also represent Rhodes) is currently negotiating to extend his relationship with Cumulus Media. All told, Limbaugh is on something like six hundred stations across the nation. For Rhodes to call any other radio host “unknown” is the alley where shits-n-giggles live….

As Jack Coleman over at Newsbusters noted, if Limbaugh is as “unknown” to the vast majority of Americans as Randi claims, why’d everyone go bonkers when he called Sandra Fluke a slut? Why is there a #StopRush Twitter movement? Why is there an organized boycott on Limbaugh’s advertisers?

Let’s be real here; other than possibly the Koch brothers, Rush Limbaugh is the biggest, baddest bête noire in the liberal/progressive inventory. Trying to downplay his influence is mere wishcasting; for someone whom 99% of the country’s politics junkies couldn’t pick out of a lineup to claim he’s an unknown quantity is moonbat level crazy.

Never change, Baby! And have a drink on me….

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