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Archive for "Aug 02 2013"

Hurtling Headlong to the Altar of Gomorrah

Whenever you hear an advocate say “X” is about “Y,” they really mean “Z.”

We’ve been told a lot of things about the push for official recognition of same-sex relationships as equivalent to the long-recognized societal definition of “marriage.” It’s been portrayed as a 21st Century civil rights battle, which, on a certain level, is complete bullshit; if recognition by the State was what was being fought for, ‘civil unions’ would have sufficed.

Rita and John's Marriage Certificate

Indeed, civil unions should have been the only kind the State should ever have been involved with. Edicts that discriminated against same-sex couples–compared to the traditional definition–mostly, but not only, involve matters of law. But the fight wasn’t waged to change the laws. No, what the fight was really about was that word: marriage, and everything it entails.

Marriage is, by historical definition, a religious expression; a sacrament, undertaken by a couple to have their union blessed by God (Yahweh, Allah, whatever Deity the couple worshipped). Somewhere along the way, the State, as is its wont, decided to get into the game. Marriage was considered a social stabilizer; a method of ensuring a cohesive, sustainable community, and legislation was crafted to make it also economically advantageous. I don’t know who’s bright idea it was to allow judges (or now, patronage hacks county clerks) to issue “marriage” licenses, but once Leviathan was in the game, it was only a matter of time till the rules of the game would be changed.

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