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Time to Take The MBM Back to the Schoolyard

I read this piece (no linkie here),  by one of St. Andrew of the Heartaching Gobsmack‘s menagerie, and thought, “Hmm… nah, too much a “fish/barrel” shoot.”

“Gumlegs” disagreed, and tore it apart:

Friedersdorf’s next point, five, is difficult to reduce to a sentence, but it goes something like this: Unz complains that the press often fails to cover business malfeasance, and cites the cases of Enron and Bernie Madoff. Friedersdorf counters with, “journalists have a lot more access to government officials and public information than to goings-on in most private enterprises. The typical journalist also understands the worlds of politics, policy, and government better than business or finance.” While it cannot be denied that journalists are generally ignorant of business or finance, Friedersdorf fails to show how this differs from their knowledge of any other subject they attempt to cover. Worse, journalists seem to be uninterested or too lazy in establishing the most basic facts in their stories. The grotesque howlers that are credulously “reported” in any story about the Second Amendment are a case in point. In what must be one of the most curious defenses ever offered for the media not doing it’s job, Friedersdorf states, “it is unclear, at least to me, that saving wealthy New Yorkers from unscrupulous hedge-fund managers is something media outlets ought to develop a capacity to do better, even having failed. No one had a better incentive to detect the risks of investing with Madoff than his investors. If they couldn’t succeed in doing so, why would journalists be expected to do better?”

Maybe because they’re journalists and that’s supposed to be their job?

read it all.

The stark fact is that, as is the case with “Lesser” Ezra Klein and the rest of the members of the Juicebox Mafia, the new breed of Make Believe Media (MBM) “journalists” are mindless idiots. They know nothing of guys like Royko, Hamill, or Caen. They’d run shrieking from their desks while wetting their pants if faced with Jimmy Breslin’s dilemma. They daydream that they might be the next Lucky Boy, but don’t dare take the road that leads that way….

They are the children of an “All the President’s Men” mash-up with “The West Wing,” squeezed through the grinder of Academe’s bowels, where “reporting” has become an afterthought to getting face time on MSNBC.

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