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The Juicebox Mafia Has Acquired Their Target

Yesterday, a group of Journolistas were spotted entering the West Wing, and today we’re getting a glimpse of how the White House instructed them to deal with the gathering storm involving the IRS: burn the witch!

In the current political climate, that may well be good legal advice. And she has every right to take it and may be wise to do so. But that’s a decision that simply is not consistent with her remaining in her job. Whether or not she should be fired for whatever she did in the scandal itself, deciding to take the fifth means she needs to be removed from her position.
Josh Marshall – “She Has To Go”

But then there’s the offense that everyone agrees did occur: A number of IRS employees developed criteria that was politically biased both in appearance and in effect. They were reined in once by their superiors, and then they changed the criteria again, and had to be reined in a second time. Their actions called the fairness of the agency into question and kicked off a national scandal. Even if their intent was pure, they showed bad judgment, more than a bit of incompetence, and perhaps even a touch of insubordination. That isreason enough to fire people, even if the process is difficult.
Ezra Klein – “Yes, heads should roll at the IRS”

Not too long ago the Juicebox Mafia’s capo wrote, “The scandals are falling apart,” pronouncing:

If new information emerges showing a connection between the Determination Unit’s decisions and the Obama campaign, or the Obama administration, it would crack this White House wide open. That would be a genuine scandal. But the IG report says that there’s no evidence of that. And so it’s hard to see where this one goes from here.

What a difference a week makes, eh, Ezra?

It’s pretty sad that these two–especially Klein, considering his words from last week–knowing they were spotted heading off to be delivered their marching orders yesterday, are still high enough from their HopeyChange! overdose to accept them and shovel them out for consumption.

I hope Carney at least gave them a reacharound before sending them out to dutifully debase themselves attempting to take the pressure off the Unicorn King and His Court.


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