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#Benghazi: Narrative “FAIL”; Silence Will NOT Ensue

The Benghazi hearings are scheduled for Wednesday, but some loyal Obamabots can’t wait to get the pushback machine rolling.

via Reason‘s Hit & Run blog, we find one of the Hipster Douchebag Central faithful, Alex Seitz-Wald, playing the Pre Blame Game:

The charges seem potentially damaging and the accusers credible, but those trying to fan flames of scandal have so embarrassed and discredited themselves by pushing bogus story lines on Benghazi that it may be hard for the media and American people to take any new allegations seriously. For instance, the last time we saw a “Benghazi whistle-blower,” it was an anonymous Fox News source, but he seemed to know so little about basic special operations that military analysts called him a clown and an embarrassment.

As H&R’s Scott Shackford put it: “Okay, that’s one. Any others? It appears not.”

Fast on Seitz-Wald’s heels we see Juicebox wannabe Jonathan Bernstein, at WaPo’s “Plum Line,”(also an HDC contributor) riding the same pony:

If you’re not inside the conservative information feedback loop, you might not be aware that within that loop the Benghazi “scandal” is still going at 100 percent strength. Months after the actual incident, which was back in September. Even though no one has ever made clear exactly what terrible secret was the subject of the supposed cover-up; even though a succession of “revelations” have all turned out to be nonsense (here’s one from just last week). Doesn’t matter; discredited accusations are just forgotten and new ones are substituted….

Two things. One is that this is another case of how the minimal standards of the GOP-aligned press make Republican politicians lazy. Just chant “Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi” and you’re sure to generate plenty of positive publicity, so what’s the incentive for actually mastering the substantive issues involved?

And second: there’s a real dogs-not-barking aspect to this; the continued focus on what has appeared for months to be a dry well suggests that there are no real Barack Obama (or Hillary Clinton) scandals to investigate.

Both JournOlistas point to the same source,’s national security blogger, Thomas E. Ricks, as the reason Benghazi should be considered a faux scandal; something FOX News cooked up to feed their bitter clinger audience. Ricks featured a comment and guest post, by two former Special Ops guys, refuting the allegations made by an active duty member of Special Ops, whose face and voice were disguised, whom FOX News interviewed back on April 30, as the reason the current attention to what happened at Benghazi is just FOX News-fueled nonsense.

So: A disparaging remark by one guy, followed by a rambling, “if/then” essay that disputes the scenario put forth by FOX’s interviewee, were the basis for Seitz-Wald and Bernstein to declare the coming Benghazi hearing to be something dreamed up by the right wing crazies in Roger Ailes’ employ, who will use anything they can drum up to besmirch the glory that is the Unicorn King and His Court.

A similar meme is gathering steam with other members of the Reality Based Community™. “Heather” at Crooks and Liars derided FOX News Watch panelists’ discussing the seeming lack of major media interest in what happened in Benghazi. Over at Kozackstan, “Meteor Blades” put a heaping helping of faith in Hillary!’s hand-picked Accountability Review Board report as the last word on la affaire Benghazi,  complaining…

From the get-go, straining at gnats has been the modus operandi of Foxaganda and various Republicans refusing to let go of the Benghazi story. We’ll be getting more of that same old, same old, on Wednesday while issues that haven’t been explored with hearing after hearing and an in-depth report are left to languish in obscurity.

Eschewing the “Faux News” angle, Booman Tribune’s big dog reached all the way back to 1998 to paint the lead attorneys for the scheduled whistleblowers as right wing “soldiers in the dirty wars we have between the two major parties…. They are nothing more than partisan brawlers” whose motives, therefore, are obviously tainted.

In other words: they got nuthin. Usually, you’d see something bubble up through the Nutroots’ ranks, to eventually land on various Make Believe Media (MBM) desktops. The Soros-financed fuckwits at Media Matters are flailing about, to no avail. Politico got popped for trying to bury it. And Think Progress is damn near radio silent.

What is already out there paints an ugly, damning picture of the Unicorn King and His Court’s actions before, during, and after the attack in Benghazi. The disaster of Obama’s “smart” foreign policy is stripped bare for all to see in what happened at Benghazi:

The administration’s intervention in Libya created a power vacuum in eastern Libya, which it refused to acknowledge and which eventually led not just to this attack but the near-sacking of Mali, which was prevented only by the French military. Instead, State under Clinton reduced the security at this outpost while our allies fled the city, even while nearby terrorist attacks increased. No one in State or the White House prepared for the obvious al Qaeda interest in attacking vulnerable American assets on the anniversary of 9/11. When the inevitable happened, rather than putting all our assets in play to fight the terrorists, the first impulse of Obama and Clinton seems to have been to deny that a terrorist attack had taken place at all as a means of covering up the gross incompetence of the past year in Libya.

The MBM doyennes can’t possibly ignore this, because they are complicit in it. They bought and resold the “YouTube video” bullshit sandwich Susan Rice was selling on all those Sunday morning talk shows seven months ago. Hell, they used the attack to beat on Mittens, fer chrissakes!, so desperate were they to get the Unicorn King re-installed on His throne. So they can’t deploy their “nothing to see here” blanket, as they did with the Kermit Gosnell case. They have to cover it….

But I’ll bet a case of whatever Tingles uses for show-prep they’ll do their best to downplay it. Because now their objective is to save Hillary!’s 2016 viability. And that, friends, is gonna be one damn hard hill to climb.

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