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Put WABC Radio on Your Deathwatch Clock

It’s just a matter of time. The handwriting is on the wall:

Rush Limbaugh insists it’s not his fault that ad revenue has dropped at his flagship WABC radio station — and if his boss keeps saying it is, Rush just may pack up his megadittoes and leave.

In New York, that would very likely take him to WOR, which would create the biggest shakeup in city talk radio since WOR scooped up Bob Grant after WABC fired him in 1995.

Limbaugh’s contract with WABC expires at the end of the year.

Lew Dickey, the CEO of WABC parent company Cumulus, has said Limbaugh’s controversial comments have diminished ad revenue for the past year — and the slump remains a “residual hangover” for the station.

Whoever dropped the story (Bo Snerdley?) on the Daily News’s doorstep seems to have also dropped it at Politico, though my gut tells me Politico’s hack merely pulled a “rip and read” of David Hinckley’s piece. Hinckley is a veteran reporter of the NYC radio beat, while Politico is… well, Politico. Limbaugh’s camp reaching out to that outfit makes no kind of sense, public relations-wise, and this is all PR….

Team Limbaugh would be nuts turning to Politico to get their story out. I’ll bet a slander lawsuit that Dylan Beyers is just making shit up to seem he knows a beat he has no history covering.

Cumulus is trying to blame the supposed “backlash” against Limbaugh after he called out Sandra Fluke as “a slut” back in early 2012 for their current advertising revenue woes. It’s ridiculous for the aptly named Dickey to be using that incident as an excuse. It is Cumulus’s own stupidity in operating WABC that is the cause of their problems.

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