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Archive for "May 03 2013"

The PC Pyre Grows Higher as Howie Kurtz Gets Fired

I don’t care where some b-ball bench jockey sticks his dick.

I also don’t care about Howie Kurtz. I long ago marked him as a dope. I watch Howie’s CNN show each week to keep my “throw shit at the TV” rhythm in sync. But what Tina Brown did to him is bullshit.

You should not be hung for being a putz…. if that is their standard, the clusterfuck that is Newsweek/Daily Beast would have zero employees, and Brown would, at long last, be taken behind the barn and put out of our misery.

It’s obvious Tina doesn’t know shit when it comes to editorial control of her product. Howie made a mistake that any J-School approved, brain dead “editor” should have caught and corrected. I’ve used baseball bats to correct far lesser misdeeds among the lunatics who try working with me.

The “layers and layers” of journalistic integrity the Make Believe Media claims to employ were shown to be ghosts; some fucking guy clicked “Publish,” and left the Daily Beast’s ‘professional’ standing asunder.

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