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Busted Rhetoric “Explains” the Brothers Tsarnaev

As more information about the brothers–and their parents–has emerged, various pundits continue trying to explain away anti-Western, militant Islam’s role in forming the Brothers Tsarnaev’s murderous mindset.

That piece of the puzzle doesn’t suit their purpose when they play the Blame Game. They have a need for something else, something deeper, in their never-ending attempt to tell us rubes “what it all means.”

In the case of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one theory getting attention was his stymied dreams of a boxing career. Some schmuck I never heard of, posting at Zsa Zsa’s House, wonders if the brothers can be written off as “just douchebags.” At the amateur webzine, Slate, William Saletan, having previously laid blame on the bombers’ parents, continued mining that vein, offering a Tsarnaev “family history” leading up to the day of the Marathon bombing, when Tamerlan “detonated.”

Previously, I pegged this to their reflexive “blame America” ideology (along with a heaping side dish of “don’t behead me, Bro!” fear). I think that theory holds, but the basis of my thesis has grown beyond what I was working with back then. Their instinct to look at things through the politically correct lens of multi-culturalism forbids them to publicly acknowledge what I consider obvious, but now I think there’s something more to it….

I think I’ve sussed what the Lefties really don’t want to talk about.


First, you have to understand where your typical “progressives” are coming from; how their ‘operating system’ was installed, so to speak. The stuff members of the “Reality Based Community” spout comes from their guided tours through America’s educational infrastructure. The higher they climbed, the more they were inculcated to the idea that Western society–specifically, American society–was the root cause of all the world’s ills.

gorezillaAl Gore’s hysteria-driven ‘Global Warming’ crusade is the most recent, widely publicized example of this. Study after study was churned out. “The Science is Settled!” the Goracle thundered. Anyone questioning the “consensus of evidence” was declared a “denier,” grouped with the anti-semitic assholes who insist the Holocaust never happened.

Then “Climategate” dropped.

With the release of the East Anglia e-mails, we learned the “science” consisted of doctored data meant to fit the desired conclusions of the power-mad paymasters employing the researchers (see WhatsUpWithThat?‘s encyclical Climategate archive). Dissenting voices, the emails revealed, were systemically squelched.

In this past Sunday’s Magazine, the Old Gray Lady ran a long, sympathetic story about the “audacious” social scientist, Diederik Stapel, “The Con Man,” whose far reaching, multi-decade practice of wholesale academic fraud was uncovered in 2011. Stapel, like his East Anglia brethren, succumbed to the lure that fame and financial success politically correct “science” provides scholars who have no problem with lying. (Who knew scientists were such capitalist pigs?) Stapel pretty much blamed everything “bad” in the left-leaning world’s eyes to be Western society’s doing.

Based on these examples, and lacking any opposing evidence, the bulk of progressive dogma must be considered bullshit; haphazard nonsense constructed to fit a politically approved point of view. It explains why the website Retraction Watch does such a brisk business: Some folks have an overwhelming impulse to just make shit up.

Don’t believe me? Start a conversation with  anyone sporting a “_____ Studies” degree. You’ll be buried by a mountain of jargon-fueled mumbo jumbo high enough to blot out the sun… which, according to the Goracle’s pet scientists, has nothing to do with Earth’s atmosphere.

Even when you cite evidence that proves their schtick is nonsense, as in the defenestration of the Goracle’s “settled” science when people like the folks at WUWT took a hard look at the warmists’ data, and Stapel’s admission of guilt, they’ll still stick to it. It’s all they got.

And since I know this, I’m okay with this. It works for me…

Which brings me to the Mother Hen of Hipster Douchebag Central, Joan Walsh. By itself, “Adam Lanza vs. the knockoff jihadis” is just ideological nonsense that closely follows the race and class warfare nostrums regularly disgorged in American classrooms. In aligning the Newtown murders with the Marathon bombing, Walsh goes so far into the fever swamps it almost reads as parody. First there was this…

Two weeks into the Boston bombing investigation, we are still far from understanding the domestic and international forces behind the attack. Yet I’m struck by how much more we know about the Tsarnaev family than about America’s last notorious crime family, the Lanzas, almost five months since the awful Newtown shootings.

Really, Ms. Walsh, “notorious crime family” is quite a stretch fucking insane.

Listing the reasons the Lanza’s didn’t receive the same scrutiny as the Tsarnaevs, Ms. Walsh checked off all the appropriate boxes, including…

Another reason is the Lanzas’ wealth, which made it possible for their dysfunction to fester in private. Nancy Lanza took her son out of school and home-schooled him in her suburban mansion when she became unhappy with his treatment in both public and Catholic schools.  The Tsarnaevs lived in a dense, middle- to working-class Cambridge neighborhood, which meant their neighbors knew their business.

… and then there was this:

No one has suggested that we study the Lanzas’ fractured suburban family life for clues to why their son became a killer. We know far more about Anzor Tsarnaev than Peter Lanza. However, anyone involved in the debate over whether the brothers are white surely enjoyed the Boston Globe’s revelation that Tamarlan taunted the Chinese immigrant he carjacked by suggesting that the young man wouldn’t remember what he looked like, because “maybe you think all white guys look the same.” Whatever others may think, Tamarlan considered himself “white” in America’s ethnic mix.

Okay, Joanie, I’ll play in your sandbox. I’ll grant Tameran “white privilege,” and all that supposedly comes with it, according to you and your moonbatty MSNBC colleagues. I’ll grant the unsupported “wealthy” status you assign the Lanzas, and all you imply comes with it. So then, with that out of the way, let me see if I get where you’re coming from correctly:

  • Economic disparity was the sole difference between the level of media scrutiny applied to these two families, right?
  • It was the hardscrabble existence of fucking Cambridge that led Tamerlan (and his family, it seems) to turn to militant Islamism, right?
  • You’re basing your conclusions on reading a lot of ‘social justice’ treatises ginned up with references to “research” from guys like our friend Diederik Stapel, right?

No, not right.

Let me put some knowledge to ya, toots: the same gas you and your ilk have been passing is exactly what drove Tamerlan, and his equally militant mother, into radical Islam’s arms. They bought your ticket, and took the ride.

I’m talking about data, baby. The Tsarnaev family entered our country’s embrace under false pretences. They violated their “refugee” status at every turn. They turned to radicalism when they could not manage the American Dream™. Mom adopted the hijab after being charged with a felony. Daddy was a deadbeat, considered a petty thief. Surving Son was a dope dealing putz. Apologists like you allow Dead Son to adopt Victim status because his “career” as a boxer hit a roadblock. The only one who could cast a ballot voted for the Unicorn King.

They bought your “the other” bullshit. Violence was the only place left when your progressive agenda left them bereft. With 100K in Jihadi Allowance in their pockets, they developed their war machine.



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