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Archive for "May 02 2013"

Busted Rhetoric “Explains” the Brothers Tsarnaev

As more information about the brothers–and their parents–has emerged, various pundits continue trying to explain away anti-Western, militant Islam’s role in forming the Brothers Tsarnaev’s murderous mindset.

That piece of the puzzle doesn’t suit their purpose when they play the Blame Game. They have a need for something else, something deeper, in their never-ending attempt to tell us rubes “what it all means.”

In the case of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one theory getting attention was his stymied dreams of a boxing career. Some schmuck I never heard of, posting at Zsa Zsa’s House, wonders if the brothers can be written off as “just douchebags.” At the amateur webzine, Slate, William Saletan, having previously laid blame on the bombers’ parents, continued mining that vein, offering a Tsarnaev “family history” leading up to the day of the Marathon bombing, when Tamerlan “detonated.”

Previously, I pegged this to their reflexive “blame America” ideology (along with a heaping side dish of “don’t behead me, Bro!” fear). I think that theory holds, but the basis of my thesis has grown beyond what I was working with back then. Their instinct to look at things through the politically correct lens of multi-culturalism forbids them to publicly acknowledge what I consider obvious, but now I think there’s something more to it….

I think I’ve sussed what the Lefties really don’t want to talk about.

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