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I Know Why the Crazed Libs Whine

Mere turmoil has morphed into something… more. Despite the best efforts of the Stupid Party, the Dems’ house of cards appears to be teetering.

On the Obamacare front, Democrat senators huddled with administration officials on Thursday, telling the White House the signature accomplishment of the Unicorn King’s first term is a cascading trainwreck, and likely will cost some Dems their seats (and the party the Senate) in 2014, when the teeth of the beast take hold.

300px-Kermit_Gosnell_mug1Abortion, a central section of the Democrat’s platform, is what’s really on trial in Philadephia.The Kermit Gosnell case is heading to the jury. Among the charges are four of first degree murder (for the deaths of newborn babies), and one of third degree murder (for the death of one of his patients). Though momentarily shamed into discussing the case, the Make Believe Media (MBM) returned to its “nothing to see here, citizens” coverage of the proceedings, but it doesn’t matter; you can’t coax the horse back to the barn.

Witness testimony showed that Gosnell, despite reports on the horrific goings-on in his charnel house, was allowed to continue because of “pro-choice” politics. That testimony obliterated the Left’s argument that he was an aberration; a “black market” rogue who somehow slipped under regulators’ radar. And he’s not the only one out there, if you care to take a look. The hacks in Harrisburg deliberately ignored his abattoir, to protect a cog in the abortion industry’s machinery. Pro-life activists are going to use Gosnell and his ilk–and the political agenda that protects them–as a hammer to demand stricter, stronger regulations governing the abortion industry.

Completely unrelated to this, for the first time in its history, Planned Parenthood hosted a sitting President at their annual gala. The Unicorn King gave a rousing speech, asking God’s blessings be granted his acolytes.


The footnotes sell it, baby!A collective fury roiled the Leftiverse when the bête noires that stalk paranoid fever dreams across the liberal landscape, David and Charles Koch, were said to be interested in acquiring the Tribune Company‘s newspaper holdings. This sent Kosickstan into high voltage umbrage. The Kos Kidz partnered with something called the “Courage Campaign Institute,” and tried purchasing ad space in the LA Times–one of the papers Tribune is looking to unload–and were at first told to go piss up a rope, but Patterico’s favorite punching bag relented when the ad was reworked to cite various LA Times stories to bolster their bullshit reasons why the Koch brothers should never, ever, evah! be allowed to purchase the LA Times.

The Old Gray Lady weighed in on the Koch’s alleged interest in acquiring the newspapers, tying the move to the libertarian leaning billionaire brothers’ plans to invest in media outlets to help them promote their small government, laissez-faire views conquer the nation and enslave us all. Over at the WaPo, Harold Myerson ranked who ends up owning the LA Times as a more important question among Angelenos than who would be their next mayor. He said workers at the Tribune’s papers feared their product would become “Kochified” and–shudder–end up print versions of cable news’ consistently highest rated outlet. Writing at Ezra Klein’s “Wonkblog”, Steve Pearlstein put forth a way to stop the Koch’s potential purchase of the LA Times. (Funny how it’s always about ‘saving’ just that particular rag.)

The junior Juiceboxer’s cunning plan?

All it would take would be a letter to Tribune’s owners and investment bankers declaring that if the newspapers were sold to an owner who would not invest in quality, politically independent journalism, they will take their talent and experience elsewhere. A one-day strike or sick-out on the day the company is put up for sale would help to reinforce the threat.

You see, the people working at the LA Times are precious:

At its heart, any news organization is only as good as the journalists who put it out.  Without the journalism, there are no readers, and without the readers there are no advertisers and subscription fees.  It all starts with the news and opinions and graphics and photographs that journalists produce. And if those journalists decide collectively to walk out the door one day, the readers and advertisers are almost certain to follow.

Jayson Blair was unavailable for comment. According to my sources, the Kochs are willing to pull some loose change from between the cushions and scoop up the papers just for the shits and giggles the acquisition would provide as Moonbat Nation achieves full blown OUTRAGEOUS OUTRAGE! speed and hurtles headlong into the sun… or a Starbuck’s with free WiFi.

Of course, none of this troubles the Unicorn King.


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