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Listen Up, Hobbits: Only White Guys Can Be Profiled

They can switch gears faster than a juiced up Lance Armstrong heading downhill….

After spending four days going on and on (and on) about why some homegrown “bitter clinger” should be seriously considered as the Boston bombing suspect and–once again–being proven completely, hopelessly wrong, you’d think the Make Believe Media (MBM), and their various pundits and “experts” would stop babbling nonsense, take a deep breath, and consider what thoughts spill out of their lips now that we found out it was the Jihadi Brothers, right?

Yeah, not so much:

If bombers r from Caucasus, it shows futility of racial profiling for terrorists. These guys r the original Caucasians. #BostonMarathon

— Cynthia Tucker (@ctuckerprof) April 19, 2013

Ya gotta admire that level of single-mindedness. Tucker is an MSLSD regular; the kindly, calm, skintone-obsessed Auntie to LSD’s race mongering twit, Touré.

Anyhow, now that the suspects have been identified, everybody is scouring the interwebs to, piece by piece, start building a profile background on these two scumbags. Various relatives have been discovered and duly interviewed allowed their Warhol moments… and some have been doozies:

Tsarnaeva said she wants proof the brothers are involved in the bombing.

“We’re talking about three dead people, 100-something injured, and I do not believe, I just do not believe our boys would do that … I don’t know them in the way that they could be capable of this,” Tsarnaeva said.

Auntie’s a graduate of the Alex Jones Institute:

Now there’s a navel-gazing orgy of pondering going on about what drove these two to do what they did. I’m noticing a lot of people confused about why Chechnian Muslims would do something like this in the US, when Russia is Chechnya’s enemy….

Look, idiots, it goes like this: forget Chechnya. From the information already out there its pretty damn obvious that it was radical Islam–not their goddamned “motherland”–that drove them to do this. Anyone immigrating from countries with a large Islamic Jihadi presence–and Chechnya happens to be a friggin’ breeding ground–should have their asses profiled and names added to watch lists.

Black, brown, yellow, white, whatever.

Chuck Todd, of course, is have none of that kinda talk on his show, doncha know….

On today’s edition of MSNBC’s Daily Rundown, which Todd hosts, NBC News analyst Evan Kohlmann started describing what he believed was one of the suspect’s Amazon “wish lists” — that is, a list of products the suspect wanted to buy on, the online retail site.

“Let me stop you there,” Todd said. “We don’t know for sure this is one of his Amazon wish lists?”

“I want to stress, we don’t know for sure, but it is certainly his name….” Kohlmann said, before being interrupted by Todd.

“I’ve got to stop you there,” Todd said. “Our folks — we don’t necessarily want to put this on air yet until we verify it.”

Kohlmann said he understood, then started speculating on possible links between the suspects and Al Qaeda or other organized terror networks on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, which, he said, have been known to use Chechens or individuals who look like Chechens.

“One of those groups is known as the Islamic Jihad Union,” Kohlmann said.

In the studio, off camera, a voice could be heard saying, “Oh my God.”

Todd finally cut in again: “I didn’t mean to cut you off, but we don’t want to draw so many conclusions,” he said. “But your point is that this is the type of string that the intelligence community is going to start pulling at — is that right.”

And people wonder why I call them “the Make Believe Media” when there are too many examples of this kind of willful blindness….


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