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Going Moonbat Over Boston

Some members of the Make Believe Media (MBM) need to be cock-punched:

It’s been more than 24 hours since the explosions in Boston. But while new details emerge by the hour, the question on so many people’s minds remains unanswered: Who did it?

“The range of suspects and motives remains wide open,” FBI Special Agent Richard DesLauriers said, for the umpteenth time, at a press conference early Tuesday evening.

For many journalists I’ve spoken with today, this ignorance is tortuous. The identification of the attacker(s) and the reasons for the attack will likely have enormous political (and potentially geoplitical) ramifications, which will vary greatly depending on whether the attacker(s) is domestic or foreign, acting alone or as part of an organization. We’re standing on the verge of a very important national conversation about something, and we have no idea what it is.

As the ineffably brutal Stacy McCain explains: “By “a very important national conversation,” of course Dylan Byers means, another chance to turn a horrible tragedy into a political talking point.”

The “journalists” Beyers spoke with are not really interested in who perpetrated the Boston atrocity as much as they want to know the perp’s political ideology. They are hoping–nay, praying–that ideology is not Islamic Jihad, because then they lose the hook upon which they want to hang this calamity… along with their political opponents.

Anyone not emotionally invested in vilifying their political opponents would be, using simple reasoning, looking at jihad as the most likely ideology behind Boston’s bombs. The circumstantial evidence leads me to that belief. I don’t know what the hell they teach these J-school jerks, but reporters were once instructed to employ the Five Ws when writing a story. It’s also a handy tool for understanding pretty much anything you’re having trouble wrapping your head around. Here’s how I worked the list when looking at what had happened:

  • WHO: unknown at this time
  • WHAT: Terrorist Bombing
  • WHEN: April 15–Massachusetts’ “Patriots’ Day” holiday
  • WHERE: Finish line of Boston Marathon–world’s most famous foot race
  • WHY: see WHAT. More details when WHO is determined

It’s a damn simple construct, no? Journolistas flatly reject that antiquated edict. For them, the first four don’t really count; it’s all about the fifth. The “national conversation” Beyers spoke about needs to be a ‘teachable moment,’ a moment where they can explain how, deep in their hearts, their political opponents are intrinsically evil. Ergo, some extremist/wingnut individual or organization is obviously behind whatever disaster du jour occurs… no matter how many times they’ve been proven wrong when previously making the accusation.

Facts be damned; there is a Narrative™ to be sold, and they’re gonna pimp that Ho!

Of course, if you plug “Achmed from Tunisia” into “WHO,” the “WHY” becomes reasonably apparent; if you use “Bubba from Birmingham” as WHO, you gotta work to come up with WHY.

Yes, yes, I know: “That’s raaaaacist!”  So what? I can come up with an understandable explanation of Achmed’s motive, but I can’t come up with any plausible reasoning for Bubba to be driven to bomb the Boston Marathon. Having to twist themselves like pretzels to get there may take some seriously weird work from the Journolistas, but I’m sure they are confident they can meet the challenge. It’s what drives the likes of Hipster Douchebag Central‘s David Sirota to write this brand of craptastic pap:

Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American

As we now move into the official Political Aftermath period of the Boston bombing — the period that will determine the long-term legislative fallout of the atrocity — the dynamics of privilege will undoubtedly influence the nation’s collective reaction to the attacks. That’s because privilege tends to determine: 1) which groups are — and are not — collectively denigrated or targeted for the unlawful actions of individuals; and 2) how big and politically game-changing the overall reaction ends up being.

One has to be deep into the fever swamps to apply this kind of race-based rhetoric to the Boston bombing. Sirota’s piece is the kind of thing I used to be driven to fisk with wild abandon, but since Jeff G. at Protein Wisdom has already made short work of Sirota (and he’s getting  bludgeoned in the Twitterverse), I needn’t bother.

I have a good idea why the Make Believe Media and their Moonbat brethren are so desperate to pin the blame on their political opponents–now–and are praying to whoever the hell they pray to that the Boston Bomber does not turn out to be our Islamic Jihadist, Achmed. It’s a pretty obvious reason… at least, to me….

Riddle me this:

What was going on in DC before the bombs went off?

Answer that questions and you too! can understand their motivation.

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