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Media Battlezone: Under Duress, the MBM Finally Joins the #Gosnell Chorus

It takes some doing, but the Make Believe Media (MBM) can be compelled to cover a story they have heretofore studiously ignored… and some people have a problem with that:

Questions about why major news organizations were refusing to cover gruesome revelations in the trial of Philadelphia abortion clinic operator Dr. Kermit Gosnell finally boiled over today: A Washington Post health reporter told blogger Mollie Hemingway that Gosnell’s trial was a “local crime” story, not a matter of policy and’s John Nolte posted a photo of empty seats in the reserved press section at Gosnell’s trial. Finally, Conor Friedersdorf, a writer for the liberal Atlantic Online published a column with the headline: “Why Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s Trial Should Be a Front-Page Story.

The strongest resistance to the story came from, which published not one but two articles dismissing the complaints about media bias: “There is no Gosnell coverup,” by Irin Carmon, and “On Gosnell ‘blackout,’ where were conservatives before this week?” by Alex Seitz-Wald. And judging by an unsolicited Twitter reaction from’s director of communications, Liam O’Donoghue, this pro-abortion message reflects an organizational directive….

Head over to ViralRead for the rest. The ineffably brutal Stacy McCain has been prodding and poking people to explain why they think #Gosnell isn’t worth covering, and some responses he received are… illuminating:

Wow! The communications director of Salon — their dismissive treatment of this horror turned into a talking-point on CNN where Erin Burnett helped make excuses for the dreadful Philadelphia baby-killer – suddenly erupts into a deranged Bush-bashing rage? On the same day that the story finally breaks through the orchestrated cone of silence?

The degree of ass-covering for the MBM’s malfeasance is kinda startling, but not unexpected. I mean, you expect abject lunacy from Amanda Marcotte; she’s a one trick pony. Taken as a whole, lefties tend to be bat-shit insane; mention the word “abortion” and their Moonbat psyches come screaming to the fore. Back in 2011, when Gosnell was originally charged, Marcotte framed the case as an indictment against pro-life advocates:

These particular charges involve late-term abortion, and all I could think upon reading the news story was, “I wish these women could have gone to Dr. George Tiller,” because he was renowned for the quality of care provided at his Kansas clinic.  But sadly, that wasn’t even an option, even for those who could afford it, as Dr. Tiller’s life was taken by an anti-choice extremist in 2009.  When vacuums are created, we shouldn’t be surprised when they suck in a bunch of junk.

If that, truly, was her first thought upon reading what crimes Kermit Gosnell was charged with perpetrating, the Recovering Catholic™ in me takes pause, wondering what exactly it was that caused that psycho bitch to lose her soul. Of course, anyone who knows anything about Amanda Marcotte knows it’s likely complete bullshit, but still….

The Crazed Ewok, Leader of the Moron Horde, took a stab at interpreting Marcotte’s current stance on the situation, and came away unimpressed:

Trouble is, that rhetoric is about a hypothetical situation in which abortion is outlawed. Abortion is not outlawed in America — nor in Pennsylvania. Gosnell’s clinic was not “underground;” it was, by appearances, a government-permitted abortion mill.

In fact, despite performing illegal late-term abortions, it still got no inspections or negative sanctions from the state — specifically, the Grand Jury report stated, due to pro-choice politics, which demanded that, contrary to the law, no abortion clinic should have any inspections or scrutiny.

So what could she mean about “underground”? She might mean that Pennsylvania outlawed very late-term abortions. And thus women had to go to Gosnell’s dingy, bloody house of horrors to get them.

So what she might mean is… the crimes that Gosnell is accused of should not have been crimes at all, because live-delivering nine-month babies and then snipping their spinal cords on the operating table should have been legal.

However nutty Marcotte might be, the shmucks over at that economic blackhole, Hipster Douchebag Central, take the cake when it comes trying to paper over the MBM’s conduct. Irin Carmon denies there is a coverup, and laughingly points to a couple of years-old blog posts (and a feminist Gosnell apologist’s ravings) as examples of the “copious coverage” the trial has received. She then goes on, a la Marcotte, to try painting the case in classism/feminism colors. Her colleague Alex Seitz-Wald, riffing off Carmon’s piece, offers up a steaming pile of dreck better left unread. (Seriously, that Seitz-Wald (and HDC’s other ‘Alex,’ the putz Pareene) collects a paycheck tells you everything you need to know about why HDC continually operates in the red.)


The “Battlezone” posts.


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