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Dispatch from the Fever Swamps: There’s Dumb; There’s Stupid…

… and then there is this book review…

English: Photo of Lee Fang

Lee [Fang] is one of the best investigative reporters out there, and his light shines brightest when he takes what he knows and puts it into the context of what we’re living through. Those astroturf groups cropping up all over the place during the health care debate? Lee places them with their founders and paints the larger picture of how all of the cogs move together to grind out the daily message. From top to bottom, Lee takes the reader through the mazes of lobbyists, front groups, think tanks, strategists and their associated social media branches.

As the guys at Powerline have shown on multiple occasions, “investigative reporter” Lee Fang is a journalistic juvenile delinquent, who pulls “facts” out of his ass as easy as most people breathe. His is one of those bylines you click on when it shows up out of a perverse sense of humor… you want to behold what kind of preposterous pap is being peddled.

Almost every “exposé” he’s ever released has quickly gone down in flames when subject to cursory scrutiny. A trip through Google will display a plethora of posts fingering Fang for various and sundry acts of journalistic malpractice, such as back in 2011, when Fang wrote up a hit piece aimed at Erick Erickson. Fang went through Erickson’s supposed sources of income, among which Fang listed “occasional paid opinion blogging at,” when in fact Erickson was–and still is–Redstate’s Editor-in-Chief (Erickson’s entertaining answer to Fang’s attack is here). It’s a perfect example of the level of “research” Fang employs when constructing his screeds.

I can only imagine what special manner of malarkey the author [full disclosure: Karoli and I have a… history] is praising when she says “he takes what he knows and puts it into the context of what we’re living through,” since it’s been well documented that Lee Fang pretty much doesn’t know shit about the things he writes about, and then forces that ignorance to fit into his wildly skewed worldview.

I found this paragraph to be… curious:

Lee brings an insider’s view to the intense competition on the right between the fiscal conservative machine headed up by Grover Norquist and the lesser-known Weyrich Lunch, named as a tribute to Paul Weyrich. Despite some overlap between the two groups, there’s a constant tension to control the overall message. Right now the Weyrich Lunch bunch are winning that battle, but winning is less important than keeping the war raging on more than one front.

How in the name of sweet babbling Baby Jeebus can Fang be considered to have “an insider’s view” of the interplay between these two right-leaning groups? Are we to believe he’s attended either group’s get-togethers enough times (or ever) to obtain such standing, and therefore can declaim on their interactions with any degree of authority? I’d bet he couldn’t pick the people running the Weyrich Lunch out of a lineup.

I don’t muck about in the Lefty fever swamps too much, so the “Weyrich Lunch” was something new to me. But according to Fang, it wields a tremendous amount of…oligarchical evil:

The most prominent, and underreported, example of Weyrich Lunch influence was its role in elevating radical right Senate candidates in Delaware and Alaska. Early in 2010, a parade of far-right challengers hoping to upset Republican establishment-ordained candidates for Senate visited D.C. — and specifically the Weyrich Lunch — to find support. In Delaware, the Republican establishment sought Representative Mike Castle (R-DE), one of the most moderate members of the entire Republican caucus, to run for Senate…However, a local antiabortion activist named Christine O’Donnell — known primarily for her status as a perennial fringe candidate — went to the Weyrich Lunch for support.

O’Donnell had known the Weyrich Lunch leaders through her work leading the abstinence group The Savior’s Alliance for Lifting the Truth, and the Weyrich Lunch supporters admired her staunch right-wing positions, particularly in contrast to Castle.

There is no way a sniveling twit of his ilk could know what (or who was) any Weyrich Lunch attendee thought of O’Donnell, or if the meeting even occurred. Once again, we find Fang printing as fact information he doesn’t possess. His description of O’Donnell (how can someone be “a perennial fringe candidate” when she was chosen by delegates at the Delaware GOP’s 2008 convention to run against Amtrak Joe?), and her alleged relationship with “the Weyrich Lunch leaders,” is your typical Lefty fever swamp dweller’s method of deduction: if I can imagine it, it therefore is true. 

Fang is such a tool that, in the introduction to his book, he states “The conservative era, which had begun with Richard Nixon’s culture war….” Now, you can call Nixon many things (I like to call him “a monstrous schmuck“) but when someone who purports to understand politics (and possesses a BA in ‘Government’), thinks Tricky Dick kicked off the “the conservative era,” we’re talking stone cold stupid, folks; a ‘blithering idiot’ brand of Moonbat.

That his fellow fools at Crooks & Liars (and others) hold him in high esteem is no surprise.

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