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Fantasies of a Second Reformation Won’t Fade Away

The coverage of the election of a new Pope again reminded us of just how thick-headed members of the Make Believe Media (MBM) are when “reporting” on anything outside of their Beltway-centric wheelhouse.

Erin McClam, a staffer at NBC News (whose parents so wanted a daughter they stuck him with a chick’s name), exemplifies the obtuseness rife in the MBM cohort with “The pope’s to-do list: 7 challenges facing Francis as he starts his new job.” Here’s a taste:

3. Getting along with other faiths. Benedict caused a furor when, in 2006, he quoted an emperor who had characterized some teachings of the Prophet Muhammad as “evil and inhuman.” Benedict is credited with repairing rifts with Jews, however, and the new pope has also been praised for cultivating a strong relationship with Judaism. After Francis’ election, the head of the World Jewish Congress praised him as someone “known for his open-mindedness.”


6. Modernization. Majorities of Catholics in the United States have said in surveys that they want the pope to lead the church in a more liberal direction. A New York Times/CBS News poll of Catholics last week found that six in 10 support gay marriage, and seven in 10 want the church to allow birth control. Three-quarters supported abortion in at least some circumstances. In Argentina, then-Cardinal Bergoglio clashed with the president over a 2010 law allowing gay marriage. “It is a move by the father of lies to confuse and deceive the children of God,” he said.

This is the typical, borderline malignant idiocy that has become a staple of NBC’s news division (and their MBM brethren). Skip past the headline’s diminution of Francis’s title as leader of the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church; this git thinks he’s advising an American politician!

Here’s McClam’s colleague Matt Lauer running the same riff while interviewing New York’s Cardinal Tim Dolan. Across the media wasteland similar calls for “modernization” were issued, insisting the new Bishop of Rome must cast aside core tenets of Catholic dogma, in order to placate the ‘progressive’ sensibilities of people who wish Vatican City ceased to exist.


Newsbusters highlighted that cesspool of NBC stupidity, “Morning Joe,” haranguing the process of the Papal election, with an Old Gray Lady’s apparatchik noting, “So the conclave itself that elects a pope is a pretty powerful metaphor for the Catholic Church’s addiction to secrecy and a lack of transparency.” To his credit, the ‘Busters noted the numbskull who the show is named for knew what was coming:

As Joe Scarborough said after the guests were introduced, “We have so many good Catholics here. Well, except for… let me restate that: we have so many Catholics here.”

Similar myopic asshattery was offered up by the execrable Lesser Ezra Klein’s “Wonkblog” sidekick, Brad Plumer, who looked at the Catholic Church as if it was something akin to US Steel:

As it turns out, the church plays a massive role in the U.S. economy — spending some $170 billion in 2010, according to recent calculations by The Economist, with much of that going to health care services…. Catholic institutions themselves employ over 1 million people in the United States. That would make the church one of the nation’s largest employers, behind only Walmart. It employs far more people than General Electric or McDonald’s or GM or the U.S. Postal Service.

These pundits and polemicists, especially the younger ones, are garden variety schmucks. [diatribe] The problem with the Juiceboxers is they all see themselves as a member of the cast of “West Wing 2: Obama Boogaloo.” They fancy themselves as modern day clones of Sam, CJ or Josh… they see Obama as a hipper, cooler, smarter Josiah Bartlet, for whose magnanimous munificence they slavishly serve… Hell, Obama sees Obama as a hipper, cooler, smarter Bartlet! [/diatribe]

They cannot comprehend that the Catholic Church does. not. care. what they think. When they hear a guy like Cardinal Dolan warn that an overwhelming majority of those employees Plumer noted might lose their jobs, because the Church will likely shut those operations down if they are forced to abide by Obamacare’s dictates, they think it’s a variation of the Potomac Two Step; that when push comes to shove, they’ll fold to public pressure like the clowns leading the Stupid Party do when they feel some heat from the Make Believe Media….

NEWS FLASH: The Vatican’s been in this racket for damn near 2000 years; they’ve seen kings and queens come and go, watched empires rise and fall, and kept chugging along….


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