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Hillary! Delivers a Damning Indictment of the Unicorn King

So, Hillary! has decided to (sorta) take one for the team, japing Harry Truman’s “the buck stops here” edict to try saving the Unicorn King from further scrutiny over the Benghazi terror attack; an al-Queda organized assault that led to the deaths of four Americans, including the first assassination of an American ambassador in thirty three years.

Sorry, Toots, but that dog won’t hunt. As you, back in 2008, told your then-Dem primary opponent, the buck “stops” at the Resolute Desk. But this is part of the Chicagoland standard that nows exists on the shores of the Potomac: Do anything; say anything, but for all that is HopeyChangey!, don’t let anything touch the Chosen One.

Sorry, Barry, but it’s all on you. As Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton was the face of your foreign policy, and all that goes along with enacting it, just as Attorney General Eric Holder is the face of your vision of law enforcement, and all that role entails, and all the way down through the Cabinet line-up.

It’s the Obama administration, you unctuous twit. And unless the Make Believe Media (MBM) has decided to destroy themselves in some final, Pyrrhic attempt to salvage your re-election campaign, you ain’t gonna weasel your way out of this, no matter what that slovenly bastard Axelrod may have told you.

To accept that Mrs. Clinton (or at least, one of her underlings) was operating like this, the same must be accepted when it comes to AG Holder regarding Fast and Furious. The same must be accepted of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar declaring nearly half of the National Petroleum Reserve off limits for drilling. The same must be accepted of Lisa Jackson and the EPA’s regulatory insanity. The same must be accepted when Steven Chu at the Department of Energy was handing out all those “green energy” loans to outfits like Solyndra….

We already know that Obamacare was farmed-out to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to ram-rod through the Democrat-controlled Congress. We already know that the fact the Benghazi disaster even had a chance to happen was because you ignored the Constitution and existing law to get us involved in the overthrow of Gaddafi. In fact, through your actions, we already know it seems you hold the Constitution of the United States in complete contempt.

You farmed out responsibility for pretty much everything, and when your hand is on something, it seems it is always in a manner that thumbs its nose at the law of the land. Taken as a whole, why the hell would we want to give you a second term? So you can use the cool plane, helicopter and enjoy all the superficial trappings of office? So you can farm out all responsibility to a new set of underlings? So you can allow a Chicago slumlord remain the power behind throne?

Who needs four more years of that kind of bullshit?


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