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An Inconvenient ‘Squirrel!’

I’ve long been hammering the Make Believe Media (MBM) over their almost daily decision to latch onto something that, in the grand scheme of things, is an unimportant subject. These day it almost always redounds to Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan, and is inflated to the point that “covering” their chosen bit of nonsense drowns out everything else that is going on in the current news cycle.

In every recent instance this tactic has been deployed, the implementation was used to draw attention away from something ugly concerning Pres. Obama/his administration the Unicorn King and his Court. The MBM defends such efforts as important information the public needs to know; they claim such topics address some “insight” about Romney and/or Ryan the public needs to hear, see, and more importantly, the MBM needs to put it “in context,” explaining why some factoid concerning Romney’s taxes, or some off-the-cuff remark surreptitiously (and likely illegally) caught on a truncated piece of video tape, is terribly, terribly important with Election Day fast approaching.

Mittens’ “47%” clip provides endless fodder to the MBM, and has been repurposed into attack ads by Obama’s Chicago boys to portray Romney as an unfeeling, uncaring elitist:

Now, we can argue about Mittens’ intent when he uttered those words till the cows come home. The MBM has used it to damn him, claiming it shows he doesn’t care–at all–about nearly half of the American electorate. Can’t you see? It’s a window to his soul!

Nobody who follows politics, including (I believe) a majority of MBM members who are making such assertions, really believes this. The MBM does this to help support The Narrative™; a media-spawned construct that they have been using for at least as long as I have been alive, in a concerted effort to portray–in the MBM’s eyes–the true American socio-political landscape.

Unfortunately, even the Make Believe Media must recognize The Narrative™ is teetering on a cliff.

As I’ve previously noted, most people don’t consider themselves to be a member of Mitt’s “47%.” When they thing about who comprises that cohort, they think about someone like this lovely lady, who America was introduced to yesterday:

I know, I know, just featuring this clip makes me a “RAAAAACIST!” Go ahead, stick that big “5A” condemnation next to my name; y’know what? I don’t give a fuck…..

When the clip went viral, the MBM and their lefty friends immediately went into a full court press, attempting to stomp this inconvenient ‘Squirrel!’ out of the news cycle. They needed to shoot down the idea that there actually is such a thing as a “Obama Phone.” It actually–I’m serious–should be called a “Bush Phone,” or if you trace its lineage, you can blame its existence on Ronnie Reagan:

Since 2009, there has been an urban myth that Obama created a program to provide free phones to low-income Americans at taxpayer expense. There is, in fact, a government program that will provide low-income people with a free or low cost cell phone. It was started in 2008 under George W. Bush.

The idea of providing low-income individuals with subsidized phone service was originated in the Reagan administration following the break-up of AT&T in 1984.

Ya gotta love Soros’s minions over at TP; they snap to! when the Unicorn King faces some grief.

Per their SOP, Team Bammy decided Ms. Obamaphone needed to be tossed under the bus:

Obama’s Truth Team quickly tweeted out a link to, which concludes that “Obama Phone” is a complete misnomer. FactCheck even manages to “blame Bush” for the program, noting that the SafeLink program, which provides free cell phones to qualifying applicants who receive food stamps, Medicaid or other federal benefits, “started under President George Bush.”

But a closer examination shows the inconvenient facts about how the program Reagan’s administration created (whose name, it should be noted, got completely wrong back in 2009) has morphed into a completely different thing:

The program is called Lifeline, established in 1984, originally created to subsidize landline phone service for low income Americans, funded by government-collected telecommunication fees, paid by consumers.

In 2008, the program was expanded to support cell phones which quickly escalated the cost of the program. In 2008 the program cost $772 million, but by 2011 it cost $1.6 billion.

A 2011 audit found that 269,000 wireless Lifeline subscribers were receiving free phones and monthly service from two or more carriers. Several websites have been created to promote “free” government cell phones, including the”The Obama Cell Phone” website at

Now, I don’t know about you, but the existence of a website called “” tells me that the Unicorn’s King’s courtiers have no problem with the term “Obama Phone” … that is, until this YouTube clip hit. Now they’re desperate to run away from it.

As TP noted in their Obama defense brief, “[t]he program is paid for by telecommunications companies … not through tax revenue,” but they don’t say anything about how the telcos (Safelink Wireless, Assurance Wireless and ReachOut Wireless) who provide the wireless service that the Lifeline program offers covers their costs.

In 1996, the Feds demanded telecommunications companies fork over a percentage of their revenues to fund an expansion of the Communications Act of 1934. They pay for it through something you see every time you look at your phone bill: the Universal Service Charge (USC). The USC is something the folks in DC love: an unfunded mandate. They demanded the telcos pony up; the telcos passed the cost onto their customers. In 2008, the Democrat-controlled Congress decided to offer cell phones in addition to landlines and, as noted above, since then costs to run the Lifeline program have exploded, and right alongside those costs, your USC fee headed straight for the sky.

Here. I’ll let this guys explain it:

So, while Team Bammy can, technically, say no taxes are involved in subsidizing Obama Phones, like everything else that crosses their lips, if you look closely, it’s just another goddamn lie.

It’s how they roll….



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