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Media Battlezone: “Damn the Torpedos; Defend the Narrative!”

Ladies and Gentlemen!; boys and girls (and all confused people caught between such simplistic gender constructions handed down by the Theocratic Patriarchy™), it’s been a very rough week for the Make Believe Media (MBM).

It was a week ago this very day that a quartet of Associated Administration’s Press (AP) employees sent this story out on the wire:

For once, 9/11 attacks play small role in election

WASHINGTON (AP) – For the first time in a decade, the Sept. 11 attacks and the wars that resulted are not the focus of the presidential campaign.

President Barack Obama, who leads Republican Mitt Romney in polling on national security issues, may try to change that this fall as he seeks to sway undecided voters and traditional GOP constituencies in a tight race.


It will be a rare day on the campaign when terrorism, or national security for that matter, will be a center of attention.

So The Gods of the Copybook Headings reared back and gave them a whack.

As September 11, 2012 (“Jihad2: Islamo Boogaloo!”) unfolded, the Obama administration’s last, best hope at salvaging the Lightbringer‘s re-election campaign–his record on foreign policy–was burning like a German Sudanese embassy. An obscure YouTube clip, purportedly the trailer for a movie unheard of before last Tuesday, was fingered as the cause for the ensuing violence in Cairo, Benghazi, and other Islamic hotspots in North Africa and the Middle East.

I might not be up on the nuances involved in Muslim protest protocols, but I find it hard to believe that on the properly prepared protester’s checklist, al-Qaeda flags (Cairo and elsewhere), or RPGs, AK-47s, and fucking mortars (Benghazi) are required items. Supposedly these protests are fueled by what the Islamic Street considers a grievous insult to Islam by the creation of that obscure, amateurish video clip, and demand the people behind it be “brought to justice” for their perceived blasphemy, by what they consider to be, in a significant degree, a complicit American government.

Problem is, the timeline proves this to be a big. fat. fucking. lie.

The clip was originally posted on July 2; more than two full months before the attacks. Anyone with a smidgen of smarts knows the attacks have nothing to do with that YouTube clip, yet the Obama administration–and their MBM lapdogs–decided to run with this ridiculous riff, and expect us to believe that this video clip–and only the video clip–is the driving reason behind these attacks. While the administration was asking Google to “review” whether the clip complied with YouTube’s standards (Google’s reply: “Piss off; it stays.”), and instructed the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to call some media-whoring whacko pastor, the MBM tracked down guy behind the clip, and identified him (including where he lives). The Feds had him hauled in for “questioning” in the dead of night, with an obscene ‘perp-walk’ phalanx of paparazzi conveniently positioned to record it.

That whole, disgusting, ham-handed episode blew back in the administration’s face, and quickly became a viral internet meme:

As recently as yesterday morning’s talking heads gabfests, the administration’s lackeys were continuing to push this ridiculous “It’s all about the video clip” bullshit:

I’m sorry, you silly bint, but that dog don’t hunt no more. The reason this Islamic explosion was ignited is shit simple to understand, really. The fact that none of the MBM cocksuckers even seem to be exploring something I consider so bloody obvious shows just how deeply they’ve drank the HopeyChange! Kool-Aid, and they continue to blame the ongoing violence on that stupid-ass YouTube clip’s existence…. They cannot be more hopelessly wrong.

Here, let me spell it out for you fools:

Obama kept spiking the goddamn football about bin Laden getting whacked. So, on the first anniversary following the death of their “Strong Horse” martyr’s crowning victory against the Great Satan , they are sending us a message:

“Don’t think for a moment our jihad is over.”

So what’s the MBM worried about this morning? You’ll need to see to believe it….

The ineffably brutal Stacy McCain:  The Disgrace That Is Susan Rice

Obama Campaign Sticks By Rice and Fires Away at McCain (?!)

Contempt for Your Intelligence: The Administration’s Benghazi Response

Obama’s Middle East Delusions

Rice on Libya: Obfuscating From Behind: “My guess is that Ambassador Rice herself is part of the message. She represents America at the UN. And the UN is where the Obama administration goes to unburden itself of responsibility for tough choices in world affairs.”

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