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No, Gannett, the Tea Party and Occupists Have Nothing in Common

My gracious, so many members of the Make Believe Media keep trying to make this idea stick, yet never seem to seal the deal….

Frustration with the government’s response to the Great Recession has given birth to two movements – the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street – that share some important elements.

“Historically, I would describe them both as being populist movements,” said Richard Fleisher, a political science professor at Fordham University in the Bronx. “Whereas the Tea Party is right-wing populism, the Occupy Wall Street movement takes on the form of left-wing populist.”

With the due regard one should afford the Fordham prof’s expertise in such matters, that determination of his is, at best, outrageously banal, if not downright Meggy McCain-level idiotic.

Fleisher also sees “a reemergence into politics of the more radical elements” of both the right and the left that had been dormant.

Well the radical lefties are well represented among the Occupy crowd (a quick scroll through YouTube provides ample evidence), but where–better yet, what–are the “radical elements” found in the Tea Party’s crowd? The Tea Party message is pretty simple: the Federal government is out of control, and has grown more rapacious and intrusive than ever imagined by the Framers when they created the Constitution. It needs to be reined in, and set back to the limited, enumerated powers granted it in that document.

What’s “radical” about that?

The Occupy message? Well, if you ask them, you’ll get dozens of answers, though the one overriding response comes from the college kiddies, who are facing life without Mommy or Daddy able to continue protecting them, and that’s just not fair!

I blame members of my generation who raised a pack of pampered puff-balls. For too many of these kids, “Life is hard; wear a helmet” never applied. They are the generation who didn’t strive; didn’t face any challenges….

The “millennials,” as they’re called, are the first generation spawned from the “progressive” idea of equal outcome disguised as equal opportunity. They are the “Participation Ribbon People” – a generation rewarded and praised simply for showing up. The result of social promotion, time-outs over spanking and the misguided concept that reward is deserved and not earned.


This generation grew up with “reality TV,” which is not, of course, realistic at all. It measures success as drinking more beers before you vomit than the next guy. A sex tape brings not embarrassment but celebrity status.

It might have seemed as if these children of entitlement treated rioting as an audition for the Jersey Shore, but they weren’t – although MTV was at Zuccotti Park recruiting candidates for “The Real World.”

Because of government-backed student loans, kids who probably had no business being there were able to attend college, where they took majors in subjects that did nothing to prepare them for life after college. They piled up the loans and when they were handed their diplomas they just took it for granted someone was going to hand them a nice paying job, the way they were handed those participation ribbons ever since they hit the American education system.

They think just possessing those diplomas means they are qualified for their chosen professions (whatever it may be, or even exists), and that somehow the evil banksters and corporations are denying them their just due.

So these precious snowflakes are stamping their feet and threatening to hold their breath until they get their way:

Today, a group that started with the Occupy movement will propose a solution: stop paying.

Under the campaign — which grew from the original Occupy Wall Street protest and is now known, inevitably, as Occupy Student Debt — borrowers will pledge to stop repaying their student loans once 1 million people vow to do so as well. The campaign is calling for several reforms of higher education, including free public colleges, no-interest loans, greater transparency at private and for-profit colleges and complete forgiveness of all existing student debt.

The difference between the Occupy whiners and the Tea Party people could not be more clear, and Gannet hack’s hackneyed “reporting” so hopelessly wrong. In fact, the Occupy people are an almost perfect representation of what the Tea Party abhors; the type of self-entitled slobs who Rick Santelli lambasted in The Rant Heard Round the World:



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