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Media Battlezone Prep: Pretty Vacant

The plaza of Zuccotti Park.

Zuccotti before the infestation Image via Wikipedia

This is the second of a recurring series. The first installment is here.

Back on September 17, 2011, a bunch of idealistic, disillusioned protesters gathered in Lower Manhattan to protest, as is their wont. The target of their ire was the barons of Wall Street; the fat cats, the oligarchs, the insanely rich “1%” of society who were, in their eyes, robbing the other 99% of what was rightfully theirs, and this plucky band of would-be Robin Hoods were calling those Brooks Brothers-clad, would be Rulers of Nottingham to account.

They called themselves Occupy Wall Street. The Left’s citizen uprising had begun!

“Beware, Teabaggers, beware! Our grass-roots are deeper than yours!”

Not really. Not even close.

What ended up corralled in Zuccotti Park back then had no resemblance to the people who rallied under the Tea Party flag, following CNBC reporter Rick Santelli unleashing his call to arms, which almost immediately went viral, and became known as The Rant Heard ‘Round the World:

‘The government is promoting bad behavior… do we really want to subsidize the losers’ mortgages… This is America! How many of you people want to pay for your neighbor’s mortgage? President Obama are you listening? How about we all stop paying our mortgage! It’s a moral hazard’…

The Tea Party movement’s message was simple: the Federal government had turned into Leviathan, an insatiable monster whose size and appetite was out of control and would irreparably cripple the country. Federal overreach into every facet of society, via an ever expanding regulatory machine requiring an ever expanding revenue stream, flew in the face of the enumerated powers given it by the Constitution.

It threatened to bring the American economy to its knees, by squeezing productive members of society to give up their earnings, to subsidize people deigned “needy” by the powers-that-be, needy because they were irresponsible assholes who needed Uncle Sugar to maintain their over-indulgent lifestyles in the manner they had become accustomed.

The Tea Party’s response was “HELL NO!” It had to stop, and it had to stop now.

Occupy Wall Street had no similar focus. Basically, their message was “Life Ain’t Fair.” They decried the wealth of millionaires and billionaires–the despicable “1%” (though, as of 2009, earning over $344K qualified) –and declared themselves the voice of the remaining 99.

If there was one concurrent complaint among the mostly young cohort, it was that, after amassing huge debt after taking out college loans, they couldn’t find the jobs they wanted, so that they could pay their bills, and skip blithely into their version of The American Dream.

They were rubes who had bought into the Higher Ed Sucker’s Bet. A vast majority of the Occupiers were the exact brand of bastards the Tea party people were refusing to bail out for being irresponsible assholes.

Naturally, the Make Believe Media (MBM) fell in love, wrapped these shitbags in a bow, and packaged Occupy Wall Street as The Left’s competition to battle the MBM-loathed Tea Party people. As recently as in last week’s New Yorker, chumps like Carter-era moron Hendrick Hertzberg was still trying to pimp this ridiculous bullshit:

From the start, Democratic politicians and their center-left institutional allies watched the Tea Party with, besides fear and loathing, a certain professional envy. After Obama sailed into office on the biggest popular-vote majority in twenty years, Republicans were left treading water. A few months later, the Tea Party came along to pick them up, dry them off, give them a new suit of clothes, and set them on a starboard course to victory in the 2010 midterms. The rescue wasn’t free of charge, of course. The cost, to the country as well as to the sad remnants of moderate Republicanism, has been high. But there’s no denying the potency of whatever it was that the brave new party injected into the scarred veins of the grand old one.

Now Democrats are hoping that the drug might be available as a generic. Among the hopers, apparently, are President Obama (“In some ways,” he said recently, when asked about the Occupations, “they’re not that different from some of the protests that we saw coming from the Tea Party”) and Vice-President Biden (“Look, there’s a lot in common with the Tea Party”). Occupy Wall Street went to the air mattresses on September 17th. Not long after, statements of sympathy and outright endorsements started pouring into Zuccotti Park like donated pizzas. Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore, congressmen galore, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the editorial board of the Times, big unions like the Auto Workers, the Service Employees, the Teamsters, the A.F.L.-C.I.O. itself—it’s been quite a stampede. But translating the visionary protest of the Wall Street Occupiers into the grubby Washington politics of electoral calculation and legislative maneuvering is unlikely to be as easy as it was for the Tea Partiers and the Republicans.

The Tea Party is simply better adapted to—and, despite its angry face, less alienated from—the actually existing environment of American politics and government….

The MBM have been hammering that “the Tea Party is angry” meme like a nail that refuses to set. They’ve been called racists, which is complete and utter bunk, since Andrew Breitbart still has his “$100,000 Dollar Challenge” firmly clutched in his hand. What began in 2009 as a primal cry of “ENOUGH!” has grown into a force with the ability to sway elections….

In his delirious missive’s denouement, Hertzberg concludes:

Yes, O.W.S. has “changed the conversation.” But talk, however necessary, is cheap. Ultimately, inevitably, the route to real change has to run through politics—the politics of America’s broken, god-awful, immutably two-party electoral system, the only one we have. The Tea Partiers know that. Do the Occupiers?

Ricky, the answer is emphatically “NO.”

In less than three months they’ve morphed into a virulent cross between “Lord of the Flies” and “Animal Farm.” As I noted about a month ago:

The really crazy contingent that is helping to swell your ranks are gonna cross the line–it’s a matter of “when,” not “if”–and when they do, you’ll think getting mace in your face seemed quaint.

Today, though the MBM won’t tell you, the greedheads and crazies are now in control. While an occasional sighting of a nut with an “Obama=Hitler” sign at a Tea Party rally was used to indict the whole movement, every time something… untoward occurs at Zuccoti Park or other Occupy sites across the nation, it’s usually said to be the fault of some fringe kook(s) who have nothing to do with their movement, if it is not nearly completely ignored.

PJ Media’s Ed Driscoll calls it “The Worst Media Double Standard in Recent History.” When the Occupiers go batshit, they don’t mention it; that part of the story is vacant from their reporting. The only place you hear about it is from local news outlets and blogs.

The MBM continue to try foisting the Narrative that the Occupiers and Tea Party people can somehow be treated as opposite sides of the same coin, except….

The Tea Party doesn’t have a rap sheet.

The Tea Party doesn’t have a unknown count of assaults, robberies and overdoses that the “self-policing” Occupiers refuse to report to the cops.

The Tea Party doesn’t need segregated tents for fear of rape.

The Tea Party doesn’t have a body count.

Gay Patriot’s B. Daniel Blatt, leading with a quote from the ineffably brutal Stacy McCain, has a post titled, “The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Liberal Tea Party Envy?” It contains a collection of links recounting the riot that occurred down in DC Friday night, along with violent incidents at other Occupy outposts around the country. Stacy has a great piece recounting how, expecting a night off from his reporting duties, he got caught up in the melee.

If you watched the MBM this weekend, or the morning shows today, I’ll bet you didn’t hear about the riot in DC. I’m willing to make that wager because I sat through MSNBC’s idiot-fest, “Morning Joe,” today to see if they would cover it, and there wasn’t one word mentioned about an Occupy “action” that, among it victims, included a 78 year old woman shoved down a flight of cement steps.

I went to Google News and entered “washington dc riot” and the only MBM hit on the list was a WaPo brief that was about the DC police deciding not to press charges against a driver whose car struck three of these fucking assholes–who witnesses reported deserved it.

You wanna know why the MBM ignored the story? The riot masquerading as a demonstration was targeted straight at the Tea Party faithful; the Dirty Fucking Hippies wanted to go to war.

stay tuned….

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