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Media Battlezone Prep: Eyesight to the Blind



MSNBC: Where stories go to die. Image via Wikipedia

The last couple of months should put to rest any idea the Make Believe Media deals in reality. I’m talking about going above and beyond their usual mendacity. They have gone full-tilt boogie attempting to “shape the narrative” heading into the 2012 elections; they are escalating their decisions regarding what information you should know–or should not know–before hitting the voting booth.

This is the first installment of a series, that will deal with some of what they ain’t talking about.

Solyndra: The media’s coverage of the Solyndra scandal has been abysmal. On Thursday, the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations issued the White House subpoenas (one to WH Chief of Staff office, another to Choo-Choo Biden’s Chief of Staff) seeking any and all documents related to the Administration’s role in the decision to grant the now bankrupt, “green energy” company, Solyndra, over half a billion dollars of taxpayer money. The White House rejected the subpoenas, declaring them “too broad” and “driven more by partisan politics than a legitimate effort to conduct a responsible investigation….”

That’s a pretty big deal, no? If, say, Koch Industries were served a subpoena, and responded, “You can pound sand before we’ll give you what you want because we know you hate our politics,” these MBM monkeys would be flinging poo and hyperventilating over that kind of rejection of the Constitutionally grounded legal right the legislative branch is granted. But when the Obama Administration does it, it not a big deal in the MBM’s eyes.

The Googlebot tells me that, beyond blogs, only the Washington Post and ABC News shows any interest in this latest development. Indeed, notes that at MSNBC, the only evening host who has even mentioned Solyndra since they went belly-up is Rachel Maddow. Of course, when she did bring it up, she tried connecting it to G.W. Bush, whose administration had invited, considered–and then rejected–Solyndra’s application for public assistance.

Newsbusters has an extensive archive of the MBM attempting to downplay or shift blame regarding the Solynda scandal on the few occasions they deemed to address this debacle, and fellow Moron John E. provided a nifty info-graphic showing the Solyndra scandal’s timeline (as of October 7) over at Ace’s place.

Stay tuned….


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