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Archive for "Oct 25 2011"

So Full of FAIL!…

I haz a book!

I have to deal with
Meghan McCain’s Day at Occupy Wall Street – The Daily Beast.

I’m the daughter of one of the most long-standing senators in politics and I have been given every opportunity that anyone could possibly dream of. I was given those opportunities as a result of the hard work from both sides of my family. What struck me more than anything is that for the first time possibly in history, people aren’t being given the same opportunities that my parents and grandparents had.

Umm, you’re a joke, Toots. You happened to be borne of a mother whose father had built a successful beer distribution business, and then showered his offspring with his largesse; borne of a father whose family’s military tradition (combined with his time in a bamboo cage) allowed him to skate into a political career where he has proven to be an indictment of the political system (see: Keating Five), and well earned his nickname: Sen. McGrampypants.

You epitomize the Silver Spoon Syndrome (second generation). You’ve never done shit with your “opportunity” other than exist on the fruit of someone else’s accomplishments. No one would give a damn about your ditzified bullshit if not for your family financed fame and last name.

You’re a two-bit, political Paris Hilton (sporting a heftier rack). It’s all Tina Brown sees in you….

Now, on to the bint’s reportage:

“Are we supposed to choose between feeding our children or paying our rent?” asked Yvette Vigo on a recent afternoon, from a lawn chair where she had been occupying Wall Street for nine straight days. “In my case, I had to choose to feed my children instead of paying my rent. I have six kids and I was lucky if I made $15,000 a year. If anyone comes here and talks to us, they will know that we aren’t here for handouts. We want somebody to hear us.” Vigo, 45, says she was a teacher in the Bronx until she was laid off last year. She has no intention of leaving Wall Street anytime soon.

Quick thoughts:

  • 45 years old; six kids? When did that clown car start?
  • “I was lucky if I made $15,000 a year” yet kept the clown car running?
  • “…occupying Wall Street for nine straight days..” Who’s watching the kids?
  • “a teacher in the Bronx until she was laid off” How did that happen in NYC?

Next sob sap story:

But most of the people who I spoke to had real stories of hardship and despair. Tom Quigley, a 23-year-old college graduate from Buffalo, N.Y., said he couldn’t find a full-time job after graduating from college. He’s taking a cross country bike trip, and he plans on stopping at all the various Occupy Wall Street gatherings across the nation.

Really now, is this clown the best you can do, vis-a-vis “hardship and despair”? This chap seems a member of your class strata; how does one take a cross country bike trip without a source of funds–“couldn’t find a full-time job”–to finance such an outing, yet represent what you deploy him as exemplifying?

It must be glorious to be thick as a brick, and rich.

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