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Chuckie Cheese is Barking Up a Tree

You can’t blame the guy; he finally makes it to the upper ranks of the Dems’ leadership, and now he’s watching it all crumble at his feet.

Charles Schumer: ‘Impossible’ for Democrats to lose Senate in 2012

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), his party’s former campaign chairman, acknowledged that Democrats have a tough political map as they seek to defend dozens of seats in the Senate, in which Democrats hold a 53-seat majority. Republicans, with far fewer seats to hold, are targeting the chamber for a flip.

“When you look at it from 30,000 feet, it looks bad,” Schumer said during a breakfast meeting at Third Way, the moderate Democratic think tank. “You look at it race by race, it looks good.”

Schumer predicted Democrats could pick up Republican-held seats in Massachusetts, Indiana, Arizona or Nevada.

“If we pick up a seat or two, it’s almost impossible to say we lose the Senate — unless just the roof falls in,” Schumer said. “I think we’re likely to pick up a seat or two — Republican seats.”

Well, Chuckles, I look at the raw numbers, and see a nightmare in your caucus’s 2012 future. The Democrats will be defending 23 seats in November, 2012; the Repubs only 10. Of the four seats you think you can pick up, from where I sit I think only two, Indiana and Nevada, are really in play, but let’s look at the first state on your wish list.

Many members of the chattering classes and the Nutroots are enthralled with “Class Warrior” Elizabeth Warren, and point to her recent fundraising haul, and her polling against the GOP incumbent, Scott Brown, as a sign that Brown can be taken down. Warren, despite her ridiculous, populist YouTube video cri de coeur, still has to make the case that a newcomer to electoral politics, such as she, is a better choice than the junior Senator of Massachusetts. To do that, she’s going to need to paint him as some kind of right wing, fire breathing wingnut… which he most certainly is not.

Her Harvard pedigree will not protect her from Brown’s campaign that, unless they are complete idiots, will paint her as the exact kind of pointy-headed Ivory Tower denizen Obama filled his administration with, that produced what What Henry Bloget calls “The Chart That Will Get Obama Fired”

Chuckie’s strategy for the Dems to hang onto the Senate and White House was outlined in a memo Politico got its hands on and released this morning (.pdf here). The gist of the memo is “Blame everything on those evil Tea Party people!”

As Hot Air’s Tina Korbe notes:

The memo employs its own strategy, referring repeatedly to “Tea Party economics” and to “Tea Party Republicans.” It also drives home that the debt ceiling debate did more to damage the Tea Party brand than it did to damage the brand of establishment Republicans or Democrats. That’s disappointing, given that many Tea Partiers originally demanded Cut, Cap and Balance in return for a debt ceiling increase and the final deal that emerged was a far cry from that. In other words, in the midst of that debate, Tea Partiers in Congress compromised every bit as much or more as any other contingent in Congress.

But Democrats will only be successful at demonizing the Tea Party if Tea Partiers cease to make the case that has always been at the core of the Tea Party movement. It boils down to this: The $14,695,102,108,238 debt is an enormous drag on the economy and it costs jobs. When debt reaches 90 percent of GDP (ours is higher than that!), the economy loses about 1 percent of growth each year. That translates to 1 million jobs annually.

Shumer has already put his words into action… in a particularly hilarious way:

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer expressed confidence Wednesday that Democrats would still be able to frame Mitt Romney as a “tea party candidate,” despite the former Massachusetts governor’s rifts with large portions of that constituency.

Speaking at a “Third Way” breakfast this morning, Schumer said Romney is carrying the “standard tea party line” when it comes to the economy.

Look, Charlie, personally, I like you; one day, years ago, you spoke at some Manhattan thing I attended. After your speech you were doing the grip and grin and asked me where I was from. I said “Dongan Hills” and you said, “Hey, a Staten Island guy!” You (and your bullhorn) always make it to the Staten Island Paddy’s Day parade… that stuff counts with me, and makes me cut you serious slack when you do your goofy, “If it’s Sunday I need to hold a press conference” attention whoring nonsense.

But trying to paint Mittens with a Tea Party brush is so crazy, crazy people will think you’re nuts.

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