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This Stupidity/Cupidity is Gonna End in Bloodshed

First: Idiocy on parade:

“I support the message to the establishment,” House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said on ABC’s “This Week.” “Change has to happen. We cannot continue in a way that does not — that is not relevant to their lives. People are angry.”

To Democrats eager for a liberal antidote to the Tea Party energy that lifted Republicans to power last year, the “Occupy” rallies that started in New York last month and have spread to cities nationwide are tempting to embrace.

Hey, Toots? You’re the former Speaker of the House of Representatives; current House Minority Leader; your party controls the Senate and the White House….

You are “the establishment,” you idiot bint.

Meanwhile, the Stupid Fucking Hippies are pissing off the locals:

… Mr. Bloomberg expressed sympathy for residents. On his radio show, he received a call from a woman whose apartment overlooks the park.

“I want to know about my rights to use that park,” the woman said. “This is our little sliver of greenery that we reclaimed after Sept. 11. It’s now unusable. There is a general presence of incivility down there.”

Mr. Bloomberg responded, “We are trying to deal with this in a way that doesn’t make the problem grow and protects everybody’s rights.”

Several businesses said they had no choice but to respond to the influx of protesters by closing bathrooms.

Mike Keane, who owns O’Hara’s Restaurant and Pub, said that the theft of soap and toilet paper had soared and that one protester had used the bathroom but had failed to properly use the toilet. Both Ms. Tzortzatos, owner of the Panini and Company Cafe, and Mr. Keane said the protesters rarely bought anything, yet hurled curses when they were told that only paying customers could use their bathrooms.

Steve Zamfotis, manager of another nearby store, Steve’s Pizza, said: “They are pests. They go to the bathroom and don’t even buy a cup of coffee.”

Mr. Zamfotis closed his bathroom after it repeatedly flooded from protesters’ bathing there.

Kira Annika, a spokeswoman for the protesters, wrote in an e-mail that she had not heard such complaints: “We were under the impression that the local business community appreciated our patronage.”

In a widely distributed pamphlet, “Welcome to Liberty Plaza: Home of Occupy Wall Street,” participants were instructed where to find relief. “After you’ve dined,” it reads, “feel free to refresh yourself in the restrooms of neighboring businesses like Burger King and McDonald’s without feeling obligated to buy anything.

Yesterday, Bloomie gave the Stupid Fucking Hippies the high sign, saying they could indefinitely continue befouling Zuccotti Park, as long as they “obey the law.” Considering they’ve been breaking various laws since Day One, I’d say–like the collected cretins–“that’s a mighty white thing you’re doing there, Nanny Bloom!”


Up north, the Stupid Fucking Hippies of Beantown received a different message last night:

Boston police moved in and began arresting scores of Occupy Boston protesters who refused to leave a large part of the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway early this morning.

At 1:20 a.m., the first riot police officers lined up on Atlantic Avenue. Minutes later, dozens of sheriff vans and police wagons arrived and over 200 officers in uniforms and riot gear surrounded the Greenway.

Police Superintendent William Evans and Commissioner Edward F. Davis watched from across the street. Evans gave the crowd two minutes to disperse from the park, warning that they would be locked up if they did not comply.

The crowd of protesters, energized by the sudden appearance of the Boston and Transit police officers, chanted, ‘‘The people united will never be defeated,’’ “This is a peaceful protest,” and “the whole world is watching.’’

About 10 minutes later, the first officers entered the park and surrounded the group. Evans, using a loudspeaker, gave one more warning and then each protester was individually put on his or her stomach, cable-tied, and dragged off as others tore down tents and arrested and detained people on the fringe of the park.

About 100 people were arrested, Davis said. One police officer was hit in the face.

Today, the Stupid Fucking Hippies in New York City, allegedly, will be led by their nasal piercings on a tour of a few rich people’s digs:

Occupy Wall Street protesters are heading uptown Tuesday to get in the face of some of New York’s richest tycoons.

A “Millionaires March” will visit the homes – or, more realistically, the gleaming marble lobbies – of five of the city’s wealthiest residents, including News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon and conservative billionaire David Koch.

Marchers want to present the moguls with oversize checks to dramatize how much less they will pay when New York State’s 2% tax on millionaires expires in December.

I used “allegedly” up there because when the reporterettes say “Marchers,” what they mean is “union thugs.” See, this bit of street theater is being staged by the S.E.I.U. Any Stupid Fucking Hippies who may tag along, looking for shits-n-giggles (and the obligatory YouTube face-time), would more aptly be described as mindless lemmings, unless of course they are part of the Paid-for Protester Party (moar here, and–maybe–here).

It’s sad, in a “you useful idiots delusional, yet earnest assholes don’t even realize you’re being used” kind of way.

While I am sure many of the aimless, mindless, highly educated credentialed (yet brainless) fools slouching about in Zuccotti Park (and various other environs) really believe they represent a grass roots, “people-powered” movement, the cold fact is that if that idea was actually ever true (I doubt it), the moment lasted roughly a nano-second before you jackasses became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party.

Just look at the “Millionaires’ March” hit list; better yet, look who isn’t on that list. In a target rich environment like Manhattan, there’s no Goldman Sachs “bankster” getting a visit, yet two of the Democrat Party’s greatest bête noires, Murdoch and Koch, are targeted. No “Morning Joe” regular Mort Zuckerman; no Nanny Bloomie….

I mean, fer fuck’s sake, not even Donald Trump!

The Democrat Party owns this thing of yours, Stupid Fucking Hippies. They imagine they can use your numbers to help them to do a few things, like distract attention from their stuttering clusterfuck of a miserable failure while they held all the levers of power in DC, and act as a counter to the Tea Party folks who rocked their world in 2010….

You remember those people, Stupid Fucking Hippies? They held a bunch of rallies, then went to the polls and spoke louder than all your chanting and drum circle bullshit, and in the process gave control of the House to the Stupid Party. You know what they’re doing now?

But what I really fear is you’re being set up as cannon fodder for what I am sure will be a bloodier version of the Chicago ’68 “Lefties Throw a Shit-fit” Presidential election when next year election cycle kicks into gear, if not sooner. Some of you pathetic bastards are gonna end up paying a horrible price for being too stupid to realize you’re nothing but puppets.

The really crazy contingent that is helping to swell your ranks are gonna cross the line–it’s a matter of “when,” not “if”–and when they do, you’ll think getting mace in your face seemed quaint.

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