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“McAwesome” No More

Sorry, Champ, no. longer. yours.

This crap knocks you down to plain ol’ “Gov. Fatty”:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says he is backing Mitt Romney for president as “the man we need to lead America” and said attacks on his Mormon religion are “beneath the office of the president of the United States.”

Christie announced his endorsement at a surprise appearance in New Hampshire with the former Massachusetts governor on Tuesday.

The event comes a few days after the Rev. Robert Jeffress, a supporter of Texas Gov. Rick Perry, called Romney’s religion a “cult” and said he was “not a Christian.” Jeffress was at an event where he introduced Perry.

On Tuesday, Christie said “any campaign that associates itself with that type of comment is beneath the office of the president of the United States.”

Romney described Christie as an “American hero” who has battled to “rein in the excesses of government in New Jersey.”

The ineffably brutal Stacey McCain burrows down to the nut of the reasons for Gov. Fatty throwing his weight behind Mittens… and by “nut,” I mean “sweet, sweet GOP Establishment money”:

The GOP money people in New York — Georgette Mosbacher, et al. — were the ones urging Christie to run and, when he finally said “no” for the thousandth time, they all jumped on the Romney bandwagon. A big-money RINO-lanche for Romney is the only way to stop a certain surging candidate. IYKWIMAITYD.

It was only days ago that I was warning folks that The Stupid Party was going to pull this kind of crap. They are just as goddamn ignorant unbelievably blind as the Democrats who are supporting the Stupid Fucking Hippies.

The Dems are blind to the danger involved in backing the soon-to-be out of control “Occupants.” The GOP Establishment has decreed their designated (MBM Approved!) standard bearer, and are completely content with battering candidates like Herman Cain into submission (tonight’s debate will likely be Perry’s swan song) under a mountain of money. They do this because they are completely confident that the Tea Party folks who delivered the House of Representatives will come out with the same force to deliver the White House.

They likely are right, but I’m not too sure I’d bet on it. Those people are pissed-off enough that they might deliver the Senate into the GOP’s hands, and tell a squishy RINO like Mittens, “Hey, pal? POUND SAND.”

I’m using this graphic for the second time today, because this monstrous attempt at fixing the GOP primary deserves it to be beaten into the Stupid Party’s cranium:

We are tired of Beltway assholes (and their MBM enablers) playing their ‘insider’ games. Here on Staten Island, I’m going out of my way (and by “out of my way” I mean “batshit insane”) to make sure our first-term, Zombie Molinari acolyte has the most painful, blood all over the place primary fight for pulling this same kind of bullshit.

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