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Will The Stupid Party Stick to the MBM’s Script?

The ineffably brutal Stacy McCain pointed me at Chris Moody’s interview of Herman Cain, the “surprise” winner of the recent Florida straw poll. I’m gonna just steal the excerpt Stace pulled and highlighted from the piece:

After a few caffeine-heavy refills at our corner table, I asked him about President Obama’s new effort to raise taxes on the wealthy, and Cain just about blew a blood vessel–especially when I mentioned the part where Obama says it’s about “math” not “class warfare.”
“Can I be blunt? That’s a lie,” Cain said, before the sound of his voice began to rise noticeably higher. “You’re not supposed to call the president a liar. Well if you’re not supposed to call the president a liar, he shouldn’t tell a lie. If it’s not class warfare, it’s highway robbery. He wants us to believe it’s not class warfare, oh okay, it’s not class warfare. Pick my pockets, because that’s what he’s doing!”
Cain paused, took a breath and looked at me.
“I’m not mad at you, I just get passionate about this stuff,” he said. “I have to tell people because I get so worked up . . . . I’m listening to all this bulls–t that he’s talking about, ‘fairness’ and ‘balanced approach’ to get this economy going.”

The MBM is pooh-poohing Cain’s win as more a reaction to Texas’s Gov. Perry’s epic self-immolation in the last GOP candidate debate than an affirmation of voters’ belief in Cain’s candidacy, and I think they’re, maybe, half right in that interpretation. In his post-straw poll AmSpec column, Stacy wrote:

Ah, yes: The debate. Perry’s clumsy defense of the Texas law that permits illegal aliens to qualify for in-state tuition appears destined to enter the history books as one of the most costly political debate bungles of all time. Rumpf noted that Florida has immigration woes of its own, and an excellent state university system with low tuition for residents. “I’ve known people who moved here [from other states] and took jobs at theme parks just so their kids could qualify for in-state tuition,” Rumpf said. “For Perry to say, ‘If you don’t agree with me, you have no heart’ — people got mad… they were insulted.”

That insult sent the straw-poll delegates to Cain, a staunch foe of illegal immigration who once joked that the border should be protected not only by a fence, but also a moat full of alligators. In an ironic denouement, Perry left the Orlando event early, passing up a chance to give a final speech to straw-poll delegates Saturday, in order to attend a conservative event in Michigan, only to suffer another embarrassment when former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney beat him decisively in a straw poll there.

Headline writers described Cain’s Orlando victory as “stunning” or “shocking,” and reporters noted that his 37 percent of the straw-poll vote was more than Perry (16 percent) and Romney (14 percent) combined. In a remarkable coincidence, his triumph occurred just as Cain is scheduled to begin promoting his new book. Perhaps we should not be so shocked by the success of someone who worked so hard to put himself at the intersection of preparation and opportunity.

In November 2012 I’ll vote for a bag of Cheetos if it stops the madness of the Unicorn King and his Chicagoland cronies. But of the current GOP field, other than Cain, I just don’t trust any of them, because they are all politicians, which means I know they cannot be trusted. They will say and do anything they think will give them a short term gain in the race for the Republican nomination.

That’s why I said the MBM chattering class is only half right about Cain’s straw poll victory. There are a lot of people who, like me, just don’t trust any of the political class anymore. Saying the straw poll result was more a rebuke of Perry (and Mittens) than an endorsement of Cain is bullshit. He kicked their asses, combined.

That’s not a “protest” vote; that is an outright rejection of the media anointed frontrunners. Cain’s “9-9-9” economic plan, while not perfect, is something anyone can understand, while Mittens releases a 49 point mess, and Perry keeps trying to convince people what happened in Texas over the last decade was all his doing.

The Stupid Party needs to realize something, and they need to realize it as fast as they can: 2012 is not going to be a replay of 1980; it’s going to be a replay of 1992.

It’s the economy, Stupid Party. And at this point Cain is the only Republican candidate with a coherent economic plan.


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