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Of Gimlet Eyes and Professional Lies

Odd things keeping popping up in the most unlikely places:

Obama’s claim of having passed the “biggest middle-class tax cut in history” is ridiculous. He might have been on more solid ground if he had claimed the “broadest” tax cut, but that doesn’t sound very historic.

We went back and forth over whether this was a three or four Pinocchio violation, until we found evidence that Obama knew he was saying a whopper. Here’s how he put it in his 2010 State of the Union speech: “We cut taxes for 95 percent of working families.” That phrasing, at least, would not have been so misleading.

Four Pinnocchios

Barack Obama has lost the Hamptons

That sentence is a fat target for ridicule, I know, since the Hamptons are often reviled as the playground of the ridiculously rich and the promiscuously silly — hardly the working-class Democratic base. As is usually the case, there’s some truth to the stereotype, but enough exceptions to that rule to make the White House pay attention. The Hamptons is where the Democratic energy, money and intellectual firepower of Manhattan goes for R&R. It’s just not another beach.

Glenn Reynolds notes, “The press has become noticeably less deferential of late. I wonder why?”

The answer is easy-peasy: It’s media battle-space prep. The MBM know they are facing the most brutal, divisive Presidential campaign in recent history. They also know they need to get their street cred back with the American public before they are finally kicked to the curb, and are forced to learn how to demand people hit the freakin’ tip jar.

After a collectively atrocious performance in Campaign 2008, compounded in the Obama administration’s first two years in office, the MBM is in dire straits. They went all in to promote his candidacy (to the point of calling “America’s first Black President” a raaaaacist!), and then led the cheers for his Administration.

Instead of the gimlet-eyed skepticism that reporters usually claim is the core DNA of their profession, we got starry-eyed gush notes akin to what, back in the day, I’d seen in my sister’s copies of Tiger Beat, when fangirls were debating Davy Jones vs. Bobby Sherman. And like starfuckers the world over, they were willing to destroy anyone who disagreed with their Chosen One, the Lightbringer; the Unicorn King.

But now they have come to realize Teh Messiah just ain’t all that. And it is crushing their souls, this realization that the Emperor wears no clothes.

Nobody trusts the MBM anymore in the aftermath of their self-inflicted tragedy. And by “nobody,” I mean both sides of the political spectrum. For the right, well, impuning the MBM’s actions with a liberal bias is so common to be cliché. But even in some of the more fetid fever swamps of the Left, the nutroots are realizing they got sold a bill of goods.

Many in the MBM are now hanging their heads in shame for buying the myth they themselves created, and for those benighted souls I have nothing more than these two words….

But make no mistake; this sudden self-reflection is nothing more than preparing the coming election’s media battle space. They ARE all-in for Obama in 2012; they have no choice, and these early bits of hand wringing are just dross they will point to as examples that they are not completely in the tank that powers Obama’s bus when they set out, a la Palin in ’08, to completely eviscerate whoever secures the Republican nomination.

If you don’t believe me, go scan the headlines of CBS, ABC, NBC and the other usual suspects and see how few times you see articles on a subject that makes Watergate look like a frat-boy prank.

There is a Pulitzer Prize-winning, Administration toppling, nation-wide earthquake of a story, waiting to be told… any they are ignoring it.

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