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More Mindless Crap

Just reading this proven loser shows how potent Teh Won’s Jeebus Juice can be:

Obama is at a turning point. He needs to renew his presidency and his vision, reconnect with the American people, and redefine the big choices before the country. It is not enough to say, as he did while the stock markets swooned, that our problems are “eminently solvable”; unless he persuasively explains what’s happening, people will ask why he hasn’t solved them.

Newsflash, Shrummy: He’s beyond his depth when he’s doing anything but campaigning.

Along the way, as I argued last week, he needs to rediscover the passion of 2008. We are learning that in the era of the permanent campaign, Mario Cuomo is wrong: You have to both govern in prose and poetry. Without the poetry, the bully pulpit looks out across a congregation drifting away. I assume this is not a president who will go gently into a Carter-esque night — that he will prove equal to this defining moment as he has to others before.

Obama can’t replay the 2008 campaign, you blustering buffoon. Back then he ran as a blank slate; now he has a record that he will be forced to defend.

I’m skipping all the yada, yada, yada; evil Republicans, speculators, etc., blah, blah, blah…

In the face of enemies within — within the political system and the financial system — he and he alone can recast the contest for America’s future. The issue probably won’t be settled until the 2012 election, and so the economic headwinds may be harsh. This president may decline the “on your side” message of FDR and Truman. But he should embrace it. And in any event, he should speak and lead for something even bigger — a patriotism that transcends heedless partisan ambition, rigid ideology, and moneyed interests.

Dude, you are asking of him something his psyche cannot deliver. In 2008 a large chunk of the electorate took a flyer and pulled the lever for Obama because he promised to end the partisan bullshit. Then once he was sworn in he (actually, Reid and Pelosi; Barry was a mere bystander waiting to sign the dotted line) used the Democrat majorities in Congress to ram through some of the most partisan legislation America has seen enacted in the modern era. Hell, at this point, even portions of his base seem ready to abandon him.

His campaign strategy in 2012 will be to avoid speaking about his record, while demonizing (with MBM assistance) whoever the GOP picks as his opponent.

It’s the only game he knows how to play.

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