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You Ain’t Seen Nuthin’ Yet

Maureen Dowd at Democratic Debate in Philadelp...

Image of Idiot via Wikipedia

This is just the beginning:

In the last few days, it seems every third liberal columnist and commentator has taken to libeling the Tea Party Movement, referring to it as (take your pick) terrorists, suicide bombers, hostage takers, the Hezbollah faction of the GOP, traitors, nihilists, anarchists and people suffering from halitosis. (The last reference is made up; the rest of the descriptions are real.) Even a few politicians are getting into the act.

“We have negotiated with terrorists,” Representative Mike Doyle said in a recent meeting between Democrats in Congress and Vice President Biden. “This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.” And according to several sources in the room, Biden added his two cents, saying, “They have acted like terrorists.” (Biden denied using the “terrorism word” to CBS’s Scott Pelley. His role was to act as group psychiatrist. “I just let them vent,” Biden claims.)

The Professional Left, especially members of Nutroots Nation, are verklempt about what they see as abdication by the Unicorn King, and his coterie, and the King’s minions attempting to blame their failures on the folks who helped get them elected.

Of course, the TEA Party movement (and NO, there is no ‘Yippies’ equivalence; TEA people clean up before leaving their homes and do so when going home)  isn’t just taking incoming from its port; it also is catching fire from the Establishment starboard:

In the 1970s and early 1980s, when the top tax rate was 70 percent, Kemp and Reagan correctly saw that tax cuts would spur growth. But since then, cutting taxes has become a religion for Republicans — the answer to every economic problem.

And the tea party has made chopping government its religion. The “constitutionalists” were so inflamed that they advocated amending the Constitution to require a balanced budget every year with a limit on outlays — handcuffing the federal government even more tightly than state governments.

That was too much even for the anti-tax, anti-spending Wall Street Journal editorial page, which also chided the Sen. Jim DeMint (S.C.)-Rep. Michele Bachmann (Minn.) wing of the GOP for refusing to recognize the victory it had won.

I’m kinda flummoxed by Kondrake dragging Kemp into this argument; the ex-QB would probably be more aligned with RONPAUL! today, since both did/do promote returning to the Gold Standard.

(It’s quite funny–at least to me–that the biggest GOP monster Lefties have (pre-Cheney/Bush2) ever met is the guy who blew up Bretton Woods, and created the EPA, then got topped when Peanut created the Departments of Energy and Education, neither which has anything to do with more than killing their prefects.
Energy has created none; they just stop it. Education has stultified cognitive progress, and has, in fact, spent their money on hiring SWAT teams to collect their God-given (aka: ‘Leviathan promised’) piece of the economic pie while telling us 2+2 just might equal 5.

Amirite with my [No, go back and count]
Feh, so what…


The Real ‘Uniters’ –

In just the last few days, Vice President Biden called the tea party “terrorists,” New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd called them “a maniac gang with big knives held high” and the Arizona Daily Star ran a cartoon with Obama ordering Navy SEALs to kill tea party congressmen. And that’s the civil stuff.

Meanwhile, pundits have talked endlessly about how dysfunctional and partisan Washington is thanks to the tea party radicals.

What was their sin? Well, near as we can figure, it was that the tea party managed to force Washington to confront a festering debt crisis that leaders had far too long ignored, and pushed for a credible plan that didn’t kill the economy with new taxes, all of which produced a deal that got huge bipartisan support.

Wouldn’t a better term for the tea party be “uniters”?

Argue with me….
I posit: “The American Left has left behind all thought of Equality in their insistence of “making the rich pay” while ignoring the FACT that more RICH are on their side of the aisle than poor fucks like me.”

but that’s as good as you rubes can get…



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