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The Junkie’s Rube’s Lament

Ann Althouse, 2008-06-01.

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I’m fond of Ann Althouse’s observations on recent Wisconsin politics, but I’ve been around long enough to know she can be an insufferable, vociferous asshole when her staid, ‘cognizant, above-the-fray (“high vantage point”), bemused observer™’ self-portrait blows up in her face. Althouse has a notorious Bloggingheads meltdown under her belt, and has shown an… let’s say, pricklishness when folks call her to account.

She can’t ever admit she was wrong, and will attack any who are impertinent enough to call her out.

The (most) recent example: The Other McCain: Ann Althouse: Rube

Friday, the Wisconsin law professor asserted that she “made a rational choice” in voting for Obama in 2008, because she does not want to admit the truth: She was wrong, and not merely incidentally wrong, but disastrously, catastrophically wrong….

Why does Ann Althouse refuse to own up to being a rube? Does intellectual pride prevent her from admitting that her expectations of Hope and Change were no more rational than those of Peggy Joseph?

It has little to do with pride, Stace; it’s all about ego; made abundantly clear in her churlish response:

McCain’s post is titled “Ann Althouse: Rube.” The word “rube” denotes a dumb rural character, but McCain uses it not for it’s actual meaning, but because he’s noticed there’s a way that Glenn Reynolds uses it, and he seems to imagine that using Glenn’s word will bring Glenn in on his team. Which is fine with me, because I’ve ducked down the alleyway, and Stacy is going to be fighting Thers, who might have “Eli” with him. I doubt if Glenn answers to the dogwhistle “rube,” but I do think the fracas will be more amusing with Glenn there. (By the way, the expression “hey, rube” is traditionally “a rallying call, or a cry for help, used by carnies in a fight with outsiders.” It’s not a way of saying “I think you are a dummy from country.”)

Anyway, Stacy’s in a dither because, last Friday — predicting Obama’s 2012 campaign strategy and referring to the emotionalism of the 2008 Obama campaign — I dropped a footnote to say that even though I voted for Obama, I wasn’t caught up in the emotionalism. I observed it and critiqued it. I was in my high vantage point. I was sober and rational, but — confronted with the 2 major party candidates — I picked Obama. I have never apologized for that choice, because I still think McCain — John McCain — would have been worse, and the Republican Party would be in a far weaker spot right now if McCain were President. You can disagree with me, but don’t portray me as another “Yes We Can” dreamer. My 2008 posts are all there in the archive. You can see how distanced I was from the Obama love cult. (emphasis mine)


The sheer brass represented in those highlighted words are a sight to behold. Hell, the whole pull is breathtaking in its erudite, academic, sneering insolence.

First she leaps to the PoMo’s first refuge: abrogating the language. Every man jack (and jill) knows exactly what McCain meant when hurling down “Rube” at her feet, yet she need to… how do they say?… oh, yeah, “contextualize” the definition of the term, by bringing Evil Glenn into the mix, and proceeds to accuse McCain of seeking validation from The Traffic God, as if Instapundit was the first person on the planet to use “Rube” as a synonym for “idiot.”

She then brings up some heretofore never heard of left-leaning, Althouse antagonist named “Thers,” whose existence I never knew of before this, and I’ve been online since at least the beginning of the previous decade. (Some of my interweb schemes pre-date the Wayback Machine.)

And then she doubles down by declaiming that emotion had nothing to do with endorsement of Teh Lightbringer; no, she used her cool intellect to surmise he was the best of breed in the 2008 horse race.

Based on nothing: abso-fucking-useless-nothing, other than her own perceptions.

In 2007-08, at least online, their were clarions blaring that this back bench Chitown pol was a man of dubious character, even by Chicagoland’s standards. Yet she, Althouse, refuses to admit she got snookered; stands fast against the notion she bought the HopeyChange! and drank deep of the MBM’s Koolaid™.

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