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Brick by Brick, The Sepulcher of the Goracle is Being Built

Touched by His Noodly Appendage, a parody of T...

By His Noodly Appendage (via Wikipedia)

Last night, I was IMing with a friend, who was on my case about my recently renewed pounding on the Carbon Beast of Tennessee, this time on my Facebook wall instead of here at my soapbox. He’d bought the snake oil but, following the East Anglia e-mails and data dump, he has taken a few steps back; his main argument with me last night came down to, “Even if Gore’s wrong, shouldn’t we push green energy anyway, Rojo?”

“I see what you did there,” I said. “You don’t even know you did it, but you did it.”

HIM: “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Pascal’s Wager,” I said. ” It goes, ‘Either God exists, or he doesn’t; so what’s the harm in living your life like He does, even if He doesn’t?’ It’s pretty funny you used that, you being an example of what Gore’s acolytes would consider apostasy. They’ll burn you at the stake faster than they’d like to torch me for being agnostic and belittling their Pope at every available instance. ”

HIM: “That’s another thing; just because people believe AGW is a fact, why do you treat them like they’re just the same as religious nuts?”

“Some idiot judge in the UK has given them equal footing. According to that judge, belief in the Goracle’s gospel is the same as believing in the Bible, Torah, Koran or the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

HIM: “Really?”

“I shit you not, Skippy. And he’s right. Look how they act; anyone who merely questions their dogma is branded a heretic, ‘cept they used the “denier” slur to equate their opponents with people who say the Holocaust never happened.”

We ended it there, but the back-and-forth convinced me that the walls of the Church of Gore are crumbling at an ever quicker pace.

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