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Some Dweeb Once Asked Me: “How do you start an Internet Fight?” And I Said, “Watch this…”

(expansion below the fold)

I was having a back-and-forth on Twitter this morning that was devolving into a semantic cul-de-sac masquerading as debate, when I was accused of having a Dystopian belief system, as opposed to his conviction that “we” can build a better (read: “government edicted”) human condition. I told him, “Human existence at its core is the balance of ‘war’ versus ‘non war’ no matter where your glance may pass, and if you think otherwise you are an absolute ass. Have at it, moonbat! Offer evidence that I am wrong. Failure to prove me wrong makes your proposition specious; forth-rightly cast in the dustbin, and you will owe me many, many drinks.”

He’s since (as I write this, 3 hours) gone silent; any of you lot think you can smack me back with the tossed-down gauntlet? It’s sitting there at yer collective feet….
original riff here.
I’ve been running riffs in my head about what rebuttals might show up. But the LP in TeeCee kept saying, “they are too dumb to go down that Perdition Road.”
I’m not sure if my Third Person Observer believes that; the Progressive Left has proven themselves Almightily Dumb.

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