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Dennis the Peasant Packs His Bags, Waves “Bye Bye”

When Quick coined this “blogosphere” thingie, at least as currently recognized, there was a maelstrom of websites out there in the digital ether, claiming domain names and slapping up whatever the hell they wanted to slap up. Google hadn’t even been born… at least, as we now know it. Back then, there were a scant few who even knew YAHOO! was shorthand for “digital card catalogue” re-imagined in GeekSpeak. ‘HTML’ sounded like an inedible sammich.

But we plodded our code and had fun in the doing. That went the way of whale oil lamps.

But when free, OS app packages like MovableType hit the scene, there was an explosion; Dennis the Peasant, among zillions of others, suddenly had some Kingdom Keys. And he stuck.

And now, in order to deal with his personal economy, DtP is calling it quits:

Beyond that, it’s time for me to face up to the fact that the political blogosphere is a near complete bore.

There are two reasons for this boredom, as far as I am concerned. The first is as follows: Six years ago, the political blogosphere was not dominated by the money and resources of mainstream media and professional political advocacy groups. Now it is. The political blogosphere has now acquired all of the defects (and none of the virtues) of mainsteam and advocacy media. With money has come self-censorship and intellectual dishonesty.

Thin White Duke Throwing Down

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