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Katrina vanden Heuvel is Suffering Major Butthurt

This screed really shoulda been titled: “Whiny Rich Bitch is whiny,” but the WaPo went with:  A progressive’s answer to Obama.

Obama has reinforced the notion, not by compromise but by relative silence, that we should fear changing tax rates in a time of economic crisis, even when economists of all stripes tell us that tax cuts for the wealthy offer extraordinary cost and zero benefit to the nation. [emphasis mine]

For not the last time: NO ‘WEALTHY’ PEOPLE ARE GETTING A TAX CUT. Someone making $200K in pre-tax income does not make the cut when defining “rich.” If you live in Cali, or New York, you’re lucky if you end up with half of that after Fed, state, and local taxes take their bite. The deal Barry made allows current tax rates to remain where they’ve been for damn near a decade.

The reason dumbasses like Joe Scarborough keep jabbering about keeping the current tax rates in place will “add a trillion dollars to the deficit,” or Krauthammer saying it is “another stimulus,” is because the bastards in Washington have already spent the money before it ever reached their hands. Quoting figures supplied by the CBO is a complete waste of time; they are the most ridiculous accounting operation ever created. When they are asked to “score” any piece of legislation, they do so not under ‘rules’ existing in the real world, but according to Congressional edict. Congress tells them, “we will get $XXX dollars when the Bush tax rates lapse, which will be used to fund _____,” and now, when those rates are going to remain the same, these effin’ eejits declare that to be “lost revenue” that must be added to the Federal deficit.

IN my world we call that “BULLSHIT.”

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