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More of Leviathan’s Lies [UPDATED]

IN today’s Washington Post, Eric H. Holder Jr. and Kathleen Sebelius, responding to Monday’s court decision finding the Individual Mandate section of ObamaCare to be unconstitutional, begin by wheeling out a New Hampshire pre-school teacher’s health care plight. It’s short on pertinent details, but, suffice to say, ObamaCare swoops in and saves the day.

But then they resort to complete BS in defending the bill from the 20 or so lawsuits opposing the legislation:

Imagine what would happen if everyone waited to buy car insurance until after they got in an accident. Premiums would skyrocket, coverage would be unaffordable, and responsible drivers would be priced out of the market.

The same is true for health insurance.

No it’s not.

Opponents claim the individual responsibility provision is unlawful because it “regulates inactivity.” But none of us is a bystander when it comes to health care. All of us need health care eventually. Do we pay in advance, by getting insurance, or do we try to pay later, when we need medical care?

Right there is where the ‘car insurance’ comparison falls apart. According to your analogy, I should be required to carry auto insurance, too, because it helps keep everyone else’s premiums down. And there is probably a statistical likelihood I may, eventually, be involved in a car accident….

EVEN THOUGH I DON’T OWN A CAR. The comparison is completely specious. A person is only required to carry car insurance because they have chosen to operate an automobile on public roads. You aren’t forced to purchase car insurance just because you have acquired a driver’s permit. The biggest reason a car owner is required to have insurance is to protect any other person(s) involved in an accident.

According to you lot, Leviathan can decree that I purchase health insurance, since, as a breathing human being, I will eventually require health care.

For personal reasons, I loathe MDs, and would have to be under extreme duress (unconscious, seriously mangled, or delirious from pain) before I’ll go through a hospital’s doors as anything other than a visitor. If such a situation happens, the hospital patches me up, then sends me the bill. Now, if I had chosen not have health insurance, the onus is completely on me to make good on the hospital’s compensation… but it should be none of your goddamn business.

If the individual mandate manages to survive Supreme Court scrutiny, where would Leviathan next turn its rapacious gaze?

UPDATE: Over at Hot Air, Cap’n Ed: Holder and Sebelius trot out the auto-insurance canard.

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