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SI Advance Retreat Throws Hissy Fit When Candidate Cribs One of Their Editorials

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Our local purveyor of  spineless, lackluster reporting is up in arms because NY Assembly GOP candidate Nicole Malliotakis swapped out two words while using an excerpt from one of their editorials to bash her opponent, Janele Hyer-Spencer, who is feeling kinda butt-hurt about it. And if any Dem candidate–or office holder–on Staten Island is feeling butt-hurt, the Retreat is ready to offer a massage.

This is how their “objective reporting” starts:

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Forget mud-slinging. In the race for the East Shore/Brooklyn state Assembly seat, Republican Nicole Malliotakis’ campaign has waded neck-high into the muck.

A pamphlet sent this week to voters twists language in a June Staten Island Advance editorial about state cuts to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, to insinuate that incumbent Janele Hyer-Spencer, a Democrat, put money for straphangers into her own pocket.


But the glossy campaign circular — underwritten by the New York Republican State Committee — changes “state lawmakers” to “Janele” and trades “their” for “her.”

That’s what the Retreat considers “neck high into the muck.”  Re-wording the Retreat’s editorial general slam against the Assembly to make it specific to her opponent somehow makes Malliotakis to have acted beyond the pale by releasing this campaign pamphlet.

You gotta be kidding me? That’s considered “incendiary” to you folks down at “The Fingerboard Follies” compound?

Remember now, this piece is not an editorial; this article is alleged to be a straight news story, but it is no such thing. It is nothing more than the Retreat carrying water for their preferred candidate.

Go read the whole thing, and don’t skip the comments–something I usually do when visiting, to avoid reminders of the idiocy surrounding me–to watch the Retreat get smacked around by their readership for so blatantly slanting the story.

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