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NY13: Mike vs. Michael (or: “How I Learned to Bury my Molinari Animus and Embrace my Triple F Hate”)

Flag of Staten Island
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This is among the things that can drive one nuts:

“On Staten Island, they have other things going on that have more to do with how the Fossellas and Molinaris feel about each other,” said Jerry Kassar, chairman of Brooklyn’s Conservative Party, which backed Grimm.

Little has changed since Grimm beat Allegretti 69% to 31% in the primary.

Allegretti and his allies, including influential state Sen. Andrew Lanza, have been mum on whether they’ll endorse Grimm.

Staten Island GOP Chairman John Friscia and Lanza did not return calls for comment.

They’d rather walk away from an easily winnable House seat than admit they were a pack of jackasses. First, they had the balls to nominate Vito to regain the seat he left in disgrace, despite having two candidates, Grimm and Allegretti, standing right in front of them. Vito, not insane, eventually declined. That Committee Chairman Friscia believed that Fossella was far enough removed from his outrageously contemptible behavior to be a credible candidate would have been, in days gone by, enough get your ass tossed into an unkempt corner at Willowbrook State School.

Grimm, outraged at the Committee’s blatantly incestuous action, told them to shove their endorsement where the sun don’t shine. Now the Committee’s lame duck Chosen One, Allegretti–and the SI GOP hierarchy–has received a massive beatdown from Team Grimm. So, like many cases across the country, “the Powers That Be” are throwing a hissy fit, and refusing to back the duly-elected candidate.

My local GOP’s Fossella-lovin’ hierarchy seems more concerned with “losing” to Guy Molinari–and any who claims otherwise is a liar–than winning back a Congressional seat that their party held, before Fossella imploded, for some twenty-odd years.

You members of the Triple F Team (Farrell; Fordham; Fossella) better get something clear, quickly: You–I’M LOOKIN’ AT YOU, LANZA–are on borrowed time. Get your ass in the game or there will be a hell of a reckoning heading your way.

You run that TV commercial touting your law firm, which amounts, IMO, to nothing more than pimping your elective office for a personal payoff. It’ll make for a great talking point for anyone running against you and the other current officeholders riding around in your clowncar.

You think you have any influence outside the 3F circle jerk? The primary proved you have no influence at all. In fact, Allegretti’s “campaign,” if you can even call it such, was a sterling example of how pathetic the Staten Island Republican Party has become; a Party that is so wounded that even some of your own soldiers turned their backs to you fools.

Have you been paying any attention to the Tea Party-type insurrection that’s been going on across the fruited plain? It just whacked you upside the head, and if you continue to act like petulant sore losers, it will do it again.

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