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A World Class (Yet Refined) Bitchslap

via Insty, a healthy dose of the adage: “Don’t pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel, pays little for pixels.”

Pure, Restrained, “STFU” Awesome!

Now, to your observations about my blog’s comment section: I do not actively moderate it, except to occasionally remove duplicate posts. No real moderation has been needed: the tone of discussion around here is unusually civil, for the most part. It’s especially so compared to the rest of the blog world and the Internet as a whole – not just “of old”, but every day of the week. If no one in the “Nativis family” has ever experienced anything so outrageous as the contents of this blog, permit me to observe that you appear to have led sheltered lives.

Believe me, you will hear worse from other people as you go on developing your company’s approach to drug therapy. I mean this in the best possible way, but the material that Nativis uses to explain and promote its technology does not inspire confidence in trained observers. I assume that you’re well aware of this; if you’re not, you should be. And that’s fine – huge breakthroughs in the sciences often have that effect on people. But the problem is, nonsense has the same effect. If I may quote the late Carl Sagan on this very problem, “They laughed at Galileo. They laughed at Einstein. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown.”

Your company’s claims are so startling, and so far beyond what most scientists would assume to be possible, that you truly have no alternative but to fall into one of those two categories. A red nose, a fuzzy wig, and floppy shoes are waiting for anyone who makes such claims. Your job is avoid being fitted for them. To that end, you do not have to convince me, or any random bunch of people on the internet. You have to convince the patent offices, the journal editors, and the regulatory authorities. My advice is to devote your time and effort to that task, and to stop worrying about what people say about you on blogs.

via Nativis: In Which the Distant Footfalls of Lawyers Can Be Heard. In the Pipeline:.

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