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Hoist the Flags and Pass Out the Rings

The Boys are Back in Da Bronx!

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More “Bring the Dumb” From the Fingerboard Follies

Our local fishwrap, The Staten Island Advance (or as I like call it: “The Retreat”) has been heading inexorably downhill since Les Trautmann passed away. I’ve been bangin’ away on them here for years, citing serious, serial sloppiness–sometimes to the point of abject stupidity–that is regularly found in the paper they publish.

Whether it is some kid reporter, or their senior editorial crew, the idiots at The Retreat just cannot seem to help screwing up something that is pretty damn simple, reporting-wise. Yesterday’s copy offers the latest example. In an unaccredited piece about a local meeting of the NYC Charter Revision Commission, by my count at least two of three people: the Photo Editor, News Editor, and/or whoever was the actual reporter, once again managed to bring the dumb… twice:

The Charter Revision Commission will hold its first public meeting Tuesday at 6 p.m. in the auditorium of McKee High School, St. George. The commission was impaneled by Mayor Bloomberg to conduct a top-to-bottom review of city government.

The hearing’s 6 p.m. start time drew criticism from local politicians who felt it was not conducive to Staten Island commuters who wanted to attend but would not be able to arrive from work in time.

The sign-in period for public testimony runs through the hearing. Residents are also allowed to submit public testimony via the “Contact the Commission” link on the commission’s Web site at

GOP County Clerk Stephen Fiala is the lone Island representative on the commission.

Now, any member(s) of the Fingerboard Follies who allowed that description of Fiala to make it into print–both in the article and an accompanying photo caption [update: also repeated here], has to be considered goddamn idiotic.

We’re talking “bag o’ rocks” dumb.

Who’s the “Democratic” County Clerk?

Stephen J. Fiala is City Clerk for the Borough of Staten Island; County of Richmond.
His party affiliation is entirely irrelevant… and how do you even know he’s actually registered as ‘Republican’ to begin with? BP Jimmy Molinaro isn’t; Fiala could easily be a member of the NY Conservative Party. Either way, including that designation is another ridiculous example of what an embarrassment our local members of the Fourth Estate are to their profession and community.

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