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Archive for "Apr 09 2010"

Forget Baseball: Politics Will be EPIC! This Summer/Fall Season

So, let’s review what we’re looking at going into what looks to be an AlGoracle-like period of wild upheaval:

And now we’re gonna add not just the one already going on, but a second high court nominee fight to add into the mix!


Thanks, Justice! Sounds like more campaign season fun!

Likely frontrunners, all Clintonistas, heavy on Harvard, all white, which suggests the racial balance no one is supposed to talk about but everyone does might be tilting post-post-racial post-Sotomayor.

see also: PuppyBlender snarkage.

Meet teh Mutts, Greet teh Mutts…

…step right and and beat the schmucks!”THIS is exactly the kind of start manager Jerry Manuel and general manager Omar Minaya did not want and did not need.

All the Mets’ weaknesses have been on display the last two games. The starting pitching was terrible Wednesday night and last night the Mets’ lack of offense wasted a competitive start from young Jon Niese in a desultory 3-1 loss to the

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