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? For any WordPress Users

I tried the DISQUS commenting system a while back, and was like, “Eh, this ain’t doing much worth the bother.” But lately I’m seeing more and more sites deploying DISQUS, so I,m wondering:

Is it worth revisiting?

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Polls Tear Apart MSM’s Tea Party Meme

Most of the mainstream media outlets and talking head types–especially that collection of prime time assholes most people don’t watch over at MSNBC–have been constantly portraying the Tea Party attendees as foul mouthed, racist, right-leaning Republican wingnut rednecks.

Were only their from-on-high opinions of these fellow United States citizens… you know… anywhere close to actually being true:

For upwards of 12 months now members of the so-called Tea Party protest movement have been stereotyped, derogated and often dismissed by some politicians and media outlets.

They’ve been portrayed variously as angry fringe elements, often inarticulate, potentially violent and merely Republicans in sheep’s clothing or disgruntled pockets of conservatives blindly lashing out at a left-handed President Obama and the same side of his Democratic Party finally getting its chance to drive home a liberal agenda after eight years of Republican rule and six under a centrist Bill Clinton.

Alas for stereotypes, they’re convenient, often catchy. But not necessarily true.


A new Gallup Poll out this morning of 1,033 finds nothing fringe about self-proclaimed Tea Party adherents; they are slightly more likely to be employed, male and definitely more conservative. But otherwise Gallup’s Lydia Saad writes, “their age, educational background, employment status, and race — Tea Partiers are quite representative of the public at large.”

Tea Party members are average Americans, 41% are Democrats, independents

It’ll be interesting to see how much play these polls get in the media. Judging by teh action the story is getting over at Memeorandum, where it seems these polls are being ignored by the left side of the blogosphere, I’d imagine the same reaction will be adopted by the gutless MSM members who seem to basically get their ledes from jackassed outfits like Media Matters and the cretins in Kosickstan.

h/t: JWF, who says, “Go ahead, Democrats and your media lapdogs, keep insulting and smearing the tea partiers. Come November your obliteration will make 1994 look tame by comparison.”

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