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Archive for "Mar 31 2010"


So the WordPress crew has a new app to access and post to WordPress based sites from a Blackberry.

Which, if I have everything properly configured, means when I hit “publish” this will go from my phone to my web server, which will push it to my Twitter stream, where it will then be funneled to my Facebook page….


Another Shining Example of Why Albany Needs to be Nuked

NY - Albany: New York State Department of Educ...
Image by wallyg via Flickr

It’s the only way we’ll ever be sure that town will be cleared of assholes like these:

The state failed to get a penny in education funds doled out by Washington this week after clueless bureaucrats were dopey enough to admit to the feds they would have blown more than $200,000 on expensive furniture for their offices.

They apparently thought designer chairs, desks and bookcases for themselves were more important than training teachers or turning around failing schools.

The bizarre equipment wish list was so outrageous that three of the five judges who reviewed New York’s “Race to the Top” application blasted it in written comments — focusing on 24 “executive chairs” that cost $550 each, or more than $13,000 total.

State officials also sought 15 regular desks at $3,000 each, nine L-shaped desks at $1,800 a pop and 15 printers that each cost more than $1,500. “There are projected expenses (e.g. $550 for executive chairs) that call into question NY’s judgment on responsible stewardship of funds,” wrote one reviewer.

Another judge wrote, “These inclusions compromise the state’s narrative as a careful steward of public funds.”

The officials also wanted four computer stations at $2,500 each and two bookcases — at a steep $3,000 each — they said would go into new offices they’d create to support the educational initiatives.

read the rest.

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The Science is Settled: AGW Data Sets Are Pretty Much Useless Garbage

The NASA insignia.
Image via Wikipedia

That assessment doesn’t come from climate-change skeptics, but from NASA itself.  A FOIA request from the Competitive Enterprise Institute revealed the internal e-mail evaluation, and also another problem with the East Anglia CRU data.  It turns out that the databases maintained by NASA, UEA CRU, and the NOAA NCDC have self-endorsing mechanisms that mean that problems in one or more mean problems for all:

via Hot Air » Blog Archive » NASA climate data worse than East Anglia CRU?

More examples of the unserious science scripture foisted by Church of Gore acolytes can be found over at one of the essential Climategate websites, Watts Up With That?

Even while this house of cards crumbles right before the world’s open eyes, the True Believers are gathering in Londonistan, marching ahead in their attempt to permanently cripple the producing world’s economy.

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