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Stick to the Sock Puppets, Gleenwald

I’m not gonna rehash the story of Glenn Greenwald as an absolute, one hundred percent online punk, which has been long-time established.

{sidebar: Gleen claims to have a background in a field where Ron Kuby is a Holy Roman, yet Kuby told me, back in two-ought-six, he never heard of him. And when Gleen was purporting to be “practicing civil rights law,” he seems to have done nothing but fuck the show up.}

That he would currently champion a dubious source to create another breathless, ‘infinity word count’ blog post is par for the course; as per the usual with Gleen Ellis Ellesberg, he doesn’t have any facts that readers can hold up to scrutiny. He takes what he sees as Absolute Fact, and will probably  “Update” from here to high water in defense of his intial jackassed entry.

Except, maybe, he might say, “Hey! They’re a “dot org” group, so whatever they say has to be true!

“Right, guys?…


An outfit called has developed what it calls “an uncensorable version of Wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking.” The website promises leakers complete confidentiality using “cutting-edge cryptographic technologies with the transparency and simplicity of a wiki interface.” Most recently it published a classified Pentagon video of an airstrike in Afghanistan that caused civilian casualties.

Glenn Greenwald has now marshaled the evidence that the U.S. government is hitting back: “That WikiLeaks is being targeted by the U.S. Government for surveillance and disruption is beyond doubt,” he writes at Salon….

Salon’s Secret | The Weekly Standard.

Of course, in Gleenville, WikiLeaks is, prima facie, an impeccible outlet of the highest redoubt, ergo an obvious target of FBI/CIA/ [insert béte noire of choice] intimidation because they are… a bunch of anonymous wiki-wonks, with the public credibility that such a situation carries for anyone who’s owned a modem since they clocked in at 56K, and has watched how the wiki game gets played.

Honestly, if I was teaching anything above the eighth grade, I would auto-fail any student who used “Wiki” anything as a source cited in their footnotes. For an alleged smart dude to just accept–without anything resembling a secondary source–anything at all that the WikiLeak peeps claim to be true is the mark of a hapless rube.

Anyhoo, back to the Sock Puppet King: as the Weekly Standard article shows, if America’s most infamous digital ex-pat Brazilian had bothered to pick up a phone–y’know, do a little bit of the old ‘journo’ in-an-out, and followed Secrecy News’ lead to obtained the details behind the alleged “war crime,” he might have not jumped off this particular hysterical, hyperbolic, rhetorical cliff.

‘Course, I’ll be waiting for him to leap from the next abysmal lip, because the dolt’s DNA is built for this brand of bullshit.

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