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Juicebox Ezra: Liar? Or Just Dumb as a Rock?

He fancies himself as some sort of policy wonk; also someone wired into the DC Insider’s Network™ with a solid grasp of his surrounding environment, but stuff like this leads me to the headline’s question:

…yesterday I argued that one reason to think a constitutional challenge against the individual mandate wouldn’t work was that “the Supreme Court does not like to invalidate important laws passed by Congress.” That was the consensus of most experts I’ve spoken to on the issue. But my colleague Charles Lane, among others, made a convincing case to me that the Roberts court has been uncommonly willing to overturn laws passed by Congress. The most recent example was Citizens United, which invalidated important elements of the McCain-Feingold campaign-finance law.

Now really, who the bloody hell are these “experts” he consulted concerning the SC’s penchant for invalidating ‘important’ law that they failed to remind this charter member of the Juicebox Mafia of their ruling on Citizens United–a decision handed down a mere two months ago, or DC v. Heller, a decision that, literally, affected life in the wee, would-be Wonker’s own back yard?

Either Ezra Klein is fibbing about consulting anyone, and just made that shit up as some sort of cover, or his “experts,” along with Ezra, either: a) suffer from massive A.D.D., or b) are too brain-dead stupid by half to be members of their professions.

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