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Archive for "Jan 15 2010"

Teh Friday Funny [Updated]

I sign up for a bunch of stuff that I, personally, consider abject stupidity, just to see what the goofballs are up to in their day to day. Some stuff, however, shows up because Wife™, a registered Democrat, uses an email address I set up on the LP email server that she never uses, except to sign up for things that she knows will create a torrent of spam. That crap gets funneled to my inbox, since my admin status makes me the fall guy. Some I hit with the filters; some I allow for personal amusement. The screeds are among these. She never actually signed up with this outfit; she signed on with Hillary’s campaign back in ’08, and they seemed to have pimped out their mailing list.

Anyway, of all the members of the United States Senate, they picked this clown to beg for donations?

…. Ted was my best friend in the Senate. And best friends always fight for each other. So when I saw that Martha was being attacked by tea partiers and right-wing radicals – they raised over $1 million in one day – I knew I needed to do everything I could to help.

This seat represents more than Ted’s progressive legacy. This seat is the tipping point between a Senate that can pass President Obama’s agenda, and one frozen into inaction by Republican obstruction. Scott Brown is the face of that obstruction, and that’s why we must help Martha….

It’s still sometimes hard to believe he’s not here – we worked together for almost 30 years. I can think of no better way to honor his service than to make sure Martha takes his place and provides the 60th vote for health care reform. We owe it to Ted to make it happen.


Chris Dodd

Yes, you simpering, lace curtain Mick, you and Teddy were quite the pair, weren’t you?


The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee wants to paint Scott Brown as a Wall Street crony who is out of touch with the normal, everyday people of Massachusetts. Considering their candidates’ disdain for retail politics, that’s a rather laughable accusation anyway, but the DSCC goes from laughable to jaw-droppingly inept with the imagery used in the ad. In order to represent Wall Street, which building do you suppose the DSCC used in conjunction with Brown?

Good sweet Baby Jeebus ridin’ an Obamanation-bought unicorn… can these people really be so utterly dumb?

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