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Some Local Monday Morning Funny

Reading this gave me a nice morning chuckle:

After scoring the endorsements of the last of the Big Three city papers (the last, but CERTAINLY not least, being the Daily News), Mayor Bloomberg’s already out of the box with a new ad, “Steady Hand,” touting his trifecta.

He also includes the endorsement of the Staten Island Advance, a must-read paper, of course, for the good people of Richmond County.[emphasis mine, for reasons of hilarity]

I’m thinking the reporterette added that bit with her snark meter pegged on eleven, because I’m pretty damn sure more residents of the Rock read the Post or Daily News than read the Fingerboard Road fishwrap. I come to that conclusion not because I consider what I call either “The Retreat” or “The Fingerboard Follies” to be an abject disgrace, but based on empirical evidence: 1) every single time I walk into any of the local delis or bodegas at night, their crap is the only thing left in the newspaper racks, and 2) the local paper guy delivering their dreck on my street only drops that turd at four or five (out of 45 or so) doors.

Next, in an article about Mayor Nanny’s mega-spending this campaign cycle, dropped in this little local tidbit:

The bulk of Bloomberg’s spending has gone into television, radio and Web advertising, it said.

But some of the money has trickled down to recession-hit small businesses, including Goodfellas Brick Oven Pizza on Staten Island and in the Bronx. The Bloomberg campaign has so far forked over $8,892 for pizza at Goodfellas alone.

‘Fellas are pretty good; maybe–maybe–in the top five of Staten Island slice shops, but when the Hell did they open an outpost in Da Bronx?

ANSWER: They didn’t.

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