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Archive for "Oct 11 2009"

Tino. Tino TINO!.

MINNEAPOLIS – Through the prism of a high-def screen, it was easy to connect the delirious present to a dynastic past. Tino Martinez watched Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira unleash their epic swings, watched men celebrate like boys, and immediately he summoned a time when happy October endings were an everyday Bronx tale.

Martinez saw A-Rod hit the ninth-inning homer off Joe Nathan that he had hit off Byung-Hyun Kim in Game 4 of the 2001 World Series. He saw Teixeira hit the 11th-inning homer that Derek Jeter had hit off Arizona’s Kim in the 10th.

More than anything Friday night, the first baseman who won four championships under Joe Torre saw a contender morph into something entirely familiar under Joe Girardi.

“They had gotten away from being the Yankees for a little while,” Martinez said Saturday by phone, “but now I think they’re back.”

via O’Connor: Tino says Yanks’ swagger is back.

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St. Andrew of the Heartaching Gobsmack Finally gets Something Right

via The Cum Store’n Gynocolgist:

Look: I didn’t expect these issues to be front and center given his appalling inheritance; I know he has many other things on his plate; I didn’t expect the moon [ed note: good, considering Teh One’s scientists just friggin’ bombed it]; I didn’t believe he would do any of this immediately; I understand that the real job is for us to do, not him, and that most of the action is in the states. And I remain a strong supporter of him in foreign policy and in the way he is clearly trying to move this country past the ideological divides of the recent past.

But the sad truth is: he is refusing to take any responsibility for his clear refusal to fulfill clear campaign pledges on the core matter of civil rights and has given no substantive, verifiable pledges or deadlines by which he can be held accountable. What that means, I’m afraid, is that this speech was highfalutin bullshit.

Still, Andi, ya gotta admit: the brother is consistent. He hasn’t come through on ANY of his campaign driven, purely rhetorical, “highfalutin bullshit.”

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