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St. Andrew of the Heartaching Gobsmack, In His Seemingly Eternal Investigation of Sarah Palin’s Pooter, Once Again Makes an Ass of Himself

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He’s already made himself a laughingstock among people who consider themselves “conservative,” or just car-crash observers, by insisting he–and only HE!– possesses the political/ethical/moral basis to be considered some kinda spokesperson for the Conservative Reality.

He posted ridiculous crap like this… comparing photos that any not-dead photog will tell you have nothing to do with each other… and tried to play like he was some “strong glutes” Pontius Pilate, acting like he has nothing to do with keeping this crap in the data stream.

How much does anyone wanna bet Sully is first online to see that dumbfuck Eskimo’s junk?

via Althouse: After I note Andrew Sullivan’s obsession with Sarah Palin’s womb, he responds… by quoting the nastiest stuff in the comments.

Now, Sullivan is upset/annoyed that some homophobic things show up in the threads here, as if it says something about my blog. He doesn’t have comments, but I’ll bet if he did, he’d collect plenty of homophobic crap at his place too. Probably even more than shows up here. Maybe that’s one reason he doesn’t have comments. But I’ve chosen to open my place to comments, and I have a strong free speech policy.

And let me add that my writing on this blog has never included anything homophobic, that I have a long record of supporting gay rights, and that many of the commenters who hang out here here are gay men. There is no way that I am cuing readers to be homophobic, and I think people who care about free speech and vigorous debate should be careful not to impute such things to me.


If Andrew Sullivan gets to question Trig Palin’s maternity, people get to call him a crazy fag

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